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I am Keith Peters. If you were a Flash developer, you might know me from my books, blog, experiments, tutorials, and conference talks in the 2000s-2010s.

My blog:
Some of my art:
Coding Math on YT:

These days I'm an engineer manager at . Running 3 dev teams currently. My youngest daughter is now in college studying CS. Been working long hours and helping my kid with her C homework and labs. So not a whole lot of creative coding recently.

I ran 3 marathons in the 2010s, but these days just get out for a plodding few miles a couple of times a week. Trying to build that up again.

I've been developing a game on Linux using game engine. But I wanted to see if I could compile it for Mac and Windows (on an actual Mac and Windows PC). Here are the steps I had to go through:

1. check out the game's code.
2. install the latest version of golang.
3. type "go run main.go"

Seriously, that was it. The game runs 100% perfectly on all three platforms. Looks good, sound effects work, animations smooth at 60fps. I'm shocked. I was gritting my teeth waiting to find out how much work it was going to be to get it cross platform. It was zero.

There are not 200 levels yet, but the UI will permit that many as is. And more pretty easily. I'm mostly building out the game structure so far. The initial physics work perfectly right now. A bit more to wrap up, then I can start making new pod types and really crank out some levels.

I want to create a visual level editor eventually and let others create and share levels too.

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looks relatively simple, but is a maze on each side of the maze ring and 2 pins n the other piece, so you are solving 2 mazes at once. per my calculations, there are 24 different starting positions.

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I've had this puzzle for years. I often fiddle with it during boring meetings. Finally actually solved it.

The Johnny Cash American recordings (6 albums) are amazing and sometimes heartbreaking.

Invest in quality USB-C cables. You'll thank yourself later.

There's a huge range of quality. Some will only do data, no power, some the other way around. Get the good sturdy ones that will do both. Worth the extra cost.

driving on the highway this afternoon. a charcoal grill fell out of a truck aways in front of me. i was able to get out of the way but pretty sure it clipped a few cars. no accidents thankfully - at least now while i was there.

a few minutes later, as I was rounding a curve, there was in inflatable boat in my lane. again, i was able to barely avoid it.


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GraivityPods is coming along really well. I created a nice entity component system, which was a lot of fun. Got sounds, physics, collision detection, animated sprites. Need to add a bunch more object types, then a level loader and chooser, and then the tough work of creating all the levels. Might wind up coding up a level editor too.

Years ago I made a Flash game called Gravity Pods. I'm working on remaking it in ebitengine and having a lot of fun.

The high school kids in Stranger things, and the actual age of the actors:

Fin: 20
El: 18
Dustin: 20
Lucas: 21
Nancy: 27
Jonathon: 28
Steve: 30
Will: 18
Max: 20
Robin: 24

these word games keep getting harder. quordle has been my favorite, but now there is octordle which is also fun.

I appreciate the "unsubscribe" link in the unsolicited sales email, but it implies that I subscribed in the first place. The "mark as spam" button is easier to find and makes more sense.

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