And all the food leftovers are now disposed in the plastic covers we get on a daily basis hanged to a hook just below the stove and this is the only stuff we dispose every day. We do not dump food to the sewage.
This is the first step segregating biodegradable and non biodegradable waste. It helps the collecting agents a lot of cleanliness as most of these waste are segregated by hands which at the time of Covid is extremely dangerous to them. 2/2

I used to hand over a big trash leftover every day. But now I reduced my carbon footprint in a small way by twisting trash disposal method.
All my paper left overs like packaging materials or other card board stuff are not stored in a big bin. This is disposed only if it is filled to the brim. Say once in 20 days.
All the plastic left overs like milk bags, bottles or zomato/Swiggy cans, foils are all kept in a reachable waste disposal stuff like this and is disposed off once in a week. 1/2

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UK 🇬🇧
An investigation is under way looking at ammonium nitrate stored at ports in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

An application to store it in Portsmouth was withdrawn (after the Beirut disaster) but applicants say the move was for business not safety reasons #news #worldnews


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Been a favourite of Gulzar's lyrics from Gulami - zihaal-e-miskeen mukon ba-ranjish, bahaal-e-hijra bechara dil hai but only knew today what it meant. That it was asking not to view the poor heart with hatred which is fresh from the wounds of separation.

On Jan 2006, I did a full 30 min documentary for FSRN on the Caste System of India, specially on those who carried night soil. When I look back at it, I see nothing has changed in the last 15 years. So how can we define development when a complete section of the society is deprived from it.

Evaded arrest for 25 years, lived in Paris, preached hate against Tutsis, founder of a radio station that flamed Rwandan genocide. Now arrested.
Felicien Kabuga, who is accused of funding militias that massacred about 800,000 people.

Religion, Science, literature, arts - Everything is politicised except politics itself.

iPhone getting struck at 80% charging is common. It is because of hot climate you are in. But how do you make it to 100%. Here is what you should do.
Get an icepack wrapped in a towel and keep your iPhone on top of that. It cools down the temp and you will see your phone getting charged to 100%. Thank me later.

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Time to go back to years of photographic materials. I think I shot this 20 years back on an SLR that still happens to be with me. Using a zoom lens that I bought for a fortune then.

When you are suffering, you don’t sack the messiah, much like you don’t sack God. You redouble your faith, because God tells you your suffering is for a higher cause, the thorny path towards salvation that only God can lead you to.

CBI has issued an alert pertaining to a banking Trojan known as Cerberus, based on the inputs from the Interpol. This Trojan uses COVID-19 pandemic content to lure users. It primarily focuses on stealing financial data. It can also use overlay attacks to trick victims into providing personal information & can capture two-factor authentication details: Indian Exress

APMC reforms were very much over due. But the fine print is what is important. Letting farmers sell their product across India is a vague term without any clarity.
Generally what we are seeing across the board are first reactions. We still dont know how the farmers benefitted from e-NAM. Why they are still in crisis. 1/n

Facebook apologizes for not blocking hate speech and fake news that contributed to 2018 Sri Lanka violence. Hate speech and rumors spread on the social media platforms creates havoc. Will a sorry suffice for millions whose life gets shattered?

China embarking upon a new form of repression by removing crosses from church buildings.
Joining us today is Benedict Rogers, an internationally known rights activist and East Asia team leader of the international human rights organization CSW. Rogers has been campaigning against communist violations of basic human rights.

Contrary to the perception that a lockdown is the best time to be together, it actually poses many unseen challenges. Crammed spaces, strained relations, alcoholic abuses and many more. What could be the implications of this unprecedented worldwide lockdown on the family.

Most people think Labour day is a Marxist invention. On the contrary it is an American origin. It is a day to remember huge price paid in the past to get rudimentary level of justice in working conditions. As India prepares to curtail the rights of workers, Father Valson Thampu, Commentator and former Principal of St. Stephens College, Delhi reflects on this day which originated a century back.

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