For those joining from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. things might seem quiet at times and not as active when you first join.

Remember that no on here is collecting your data, building a profile of you, algorithms trying to keep your attention to sell ads, and you are not a product.

In a way the more time you spend looking for people to communicate with, replying to toots, and boosting toots will connect you with more people.

Also remember use a couple hashtags once in a while for things you're interested and excited about.

@binarytango The quietness is definitely something many sorely need right now. They're looking for meaningful communication and socialization, not political fights that the algorithms tend to lead them to.

@Humble_Novice_2022 It's a sharp contrast. Someone earlier I saw wrote how paraphrasing "being on Twitter is doomscrolling, while here on Mastodon it's pleasant scrolling".

@binarytango thank you for the info! I did think that it was quiet initially, but it is a nice feeling to just hop around looking for things I'm interested in.

It is so much more relaxing rather than a feed dominated by whatever everyone got worked up about. :)

@binarytango Thanks for the tip. If there's no algorithm for the feed, does that mean that favouriting/starring posts is also purely a kind of bookmarking tool? Or does it have any other functionality?

@binarytango I like the quietness on the site. I actually enjoy the lack of algorithms because the algorithms usually show me stuff I'm not interested in. Here I don't have to deal with that and I have more control over my experience compared to Twitter.

Also remember that just because you are not bombarded with messages doesn't mean no messages are sent. It does take a bit more of an effort to start following people because there is no algorithm that decides what you "might like".

For me back when I joined, I think it took a few weeks before my feed was flowing at a rate I wanted it to, and it contained mostly posts that I wanted to read.

@binarytango I'm curious actually, how many people use hashtags to find posts/people to interact with? I always forget they're a thing here, and using them feels very "Twitter"

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