Golden Valkyrie (Slightly NSFW)

Took parts from multiple generated images with InvokeAI SD fork.

Combined body, hands, face, wings in @Krita. Performed img2img with AUTOMATIC1111's fork of #StableDiffusion then applied face fixing and upscaling.

Final cropping done in @inkscape.

#AIArt #MastoArt

Looks like the Intel Arc GPUs are going to be launching on Oct 12 with the A770 starting at $329 USD.

Might have to pick one up to see how well it does in a Linux build.

#GPU #Tech

One would think that with better models and training (referring to Buhlmann citing that faces and text were trouble spots) an AI based compressor could be used not only for images but for audio and video too.

"Better than JPEG? Researcher discovers that Stable Diffusion can compress images"

#StableDiffusion #AI #Tech

First time generating two images and then editing them together in @Krita.

Image of a cyber priestess in white with glowing hair standing in a large futuristic hall.

I used InvokeAI's #StableDiffusion fork to generate the images, then used AUTOMATIC1111's fork to upscale and fix the face. #AIArt #MastoArt #Scifi #Cyborg

Been playing with the InvokeAI and AUTOMATIC1111 forks of #StableDiffusion.

I’m a fan of the simplicity of Invokes WebUI and presentation of images as they’re generated. But AUTOMATIC1111 is loaded with features and setting to fiddle with.

Still trying to decide on which to heavily lean into and create a workflow around, might wait to see how the next release of Invoke looks with their bug fixes and features they add.

Mind boggling getting to play with #StableDiffusion on your home PC.

I thought using text generating AI was cool, but this is on another level.

Some of the few images I generated..made..prompted? over the past week.

Trying to learn how to use in/out-painting and img2img with more control to guide the AI to what I envision. #AIArt #MastoArt #Scifi #Fantasy

Bit the bullet and set my own instance. Set it up as a white listed server so it has a more “cozy” feeling and only connecting to servers that are well moderated.

Will still be using my account on, but feel free to say hello at either account!

Was able to get my own instance up and running over at Looking forward to jumping back into the fediverse

More info:

Hello !

How much writing did you get done this weekend?

Did you do more planning than writing?

Or maybe you flexed your other creative muscles?

Share what you got done that you're proud of this weekend!

My first !

Here's a mix of great accounts to follow for those new to the Fediverse and people I've enjoyed conversing with since joining Mastodon this week :ablobcatenjoy:

@feditips & @FediFollows - Tips and interesting people to follow

@stux - Admin and founder of

@Curator - Admin of and boosts lots of art from

@AimeeMaroux - author who writes about sexy Greek gods - 2D and 3D artist studying

@MalteHollmann - Artist, musician, and & foss proponent

@aurynn - Admin/founder of and fan of

@paulkater - IT professional and /Scifi author

@lunarogue - engineer, technology fan, and even has a 42U rack in her NYC apartment

@CJDouglass - Erotica author and

@authortoburnett - author who posts toots that start good conversations

Seems is struggling, poor Stux :(

But to answer some replies, pretty much asking if you were ever active on BBSes, web boards powered by phpBB or vBulletin, usenet/newsgroups, etc.

Show thread

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

What kind of keyboard layout do you use?

I've read Dvorak can be more comfortable and faster.

Breakfast is best eaten for:

For those joining from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. things might seem quiet at times and not as active when you first join.

Remember that no on here is collecting your data, building a profile of you, algorithms trying to keep your attention to sell ads, and you are not a product.

In a way the more time you spend looking for people to communicate with, replying to toots, and boosting toots will connect you with more people.

Also remember use a couple hashtags once in a while for things you're interested and excited about.

If you're using the desktop web browser version of Mastodon, you can set up a Tweetdeck style layout by enabling the Advanced Web Layout option under Preferences. Then you can set up columns to follow hashtags.


You may see people with their website listed in green with a check. This is Mastodons "Link verification" system so you can prove it's you.


Then click on the "Link verification" link on how to connect them.

Those new to and doing an , setting up your profile, a cool feature that's rarely talked about:

You can set GIFs as your profile photo and profile header (they'll animate in the directory or when mouse over when viewing the profile page). Something Twitter disabled back around 2012 :blobcatglowsticks:


- Veteran Mastodon user (been on other instances)
- Recently started
- Enjoys 3D art and tinkering with

Looking forward to network with other & across the fediverse! Plan on sharing my art in the future too :ablobcatenjoy:

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