Throwback Thursday! Me when I was just a wee lad of 21, lol! <3 (I'm in my 40s now, shhhh, don't tell anyone!) 🤐 - Thats like 238 in musician/artist years! <3 ;)

Today was another strike against American liberty from the in limiting freedoms for everyone. They will be coming after more of our freedom! Will you or will you stand by while they chip away at your freedoms too. It’s coming! - will you for your rights or against them, because they will be coming for you at some point! MARK MY WORDS!

Well, this just confirms that is as big of a piece of 💩 man-child as we suspected! - @POTUS quit letting @NASA spend our tax dollars on @SpaceX case! @BetteMidler @rosie

Hey @POTUS ! 💩 or get off the🚽!!! needs to do more to help the ! They are fighting for freedom from fascism! ☢️☢️☢️ Fuck and his that he has started in the !

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