Who are they selling this to now?

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LPG customers of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) will continue to get cooking gas subsidy post-privatisation of the nation’s second-biggest fuel retailers, oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Friday

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It's actually "Fundamentalist" duties, not fundamental duties.

All hail the naked emperor.

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Scenes from a court after fundamental rights have been linked to fundamental duties.

Lawyer : My client has been jailed for writing against the government.

Judge : Why would anyone write against the govt? Is it something expected of a good citizen?

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Frankly, I'd rather be judged by a dog.

Than by some others.

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Justice Indira Banerjee's Golden Retriever walks in during the virtual hearing

Justice DYC : It's now a 4 judge bench

(He's sitting with Justice Banerjee & Indu Malhotra)

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You're next, who ever you are.

Either be a cowering slave to the fascists.


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(14/n) and more visuals that likely won’t make the news?

I reiterate this govt had advance notice (weeks) of farmers & TradeUnion strike action.

It chose to digup/block roads -and arrest leaders- rather than allow farmers to protest legislation that threatens their livelihoods

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What "Constitution"?

There's not much left of it now anyway. The Guardians ate it all up.

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God save the country if get to alternate occupation and gets free from the oath of our Constitution. twitter.com/ltcolanilduhoon/st

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A Tragi-Parody Thread.

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Worried that the Supreme Court is not treating and Siddique Kappan similarly?

Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy to hold a discussion with former Supreme Court judge, Justice BN Srikrishna & Senior Adv Salman Khurshid

@Vidhi_India@twitter.com @Arghya_justify@twitter.com @salman7khurshid@twitter.com

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Man waiting patiently for his flying elephant ride.

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Trump: Elephants Fly

US Media: Rubbish. Boycott.

Modi: Elephants Fly

NDTV: discuss: Elephants Fly

India Today: Masterstroke

CNN News18: Yes, Elephants Fly

Times Now: We have seen Elephants Fly

Zee News: We'll show you how Elephants Fly

Republic: We sat on Flying Elephant

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Excellent resource.

Can you confirm that all the case statuses are updated and current, please?

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Happy Constitution Day! Visit scobserver.in to see how the Supreme Court of India engages with our Constitution.

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"Sell your ceiling then amigo, do something!""

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Maradona on meeting the Pope in 1987:

"I argued with him because I was in the Vatican and I saw all these golden ceilings and afterwards I heard the Pope say the Church was worried about the welfare of poor kids. Sell your ceiling then amigo, do something!"

Rest in Power

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If you have such genocidal relatives or "friends" like this, tell them to drop dead.

Small acts of repeatedly tolerating and ignoring nonsense from right wingers have lead to this.

STOP them now.

On social media, WhatsApp groups, wherever.

Kill the haters now.

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This is genocidal talk. It’s terrifying to be a minority community in India rn. twitter.com/dhanyarajendran/st

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And the most "unheard" sentence for the last few years surely ought to be "Am I being heard, Milords ??"

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Am I audible, Milords ?? : The most heard sentence in Indian Courts during the pandemic.

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I'm ALL tears.

At the shamelessness.

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Sad day when @INCIndia@twitter.com @RahulGandhi@twitter.com and @cpimspeak@twitter.com @SitaramYechury@twitter.com are not concerned over how @BSNLCorporate@twitter.com is being killed twitter.com/thesuniljain/statu

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Which is a good hard disk docking station for imaging/cloning both 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives? USB 3, preferably?


Maybe it's the dolphins.
Leaving real fast.

Hell, why not.

In the Great Galactic Government, someone just bought some Electoral Bonds. And got the rights to an Interstellar Toll Highway which just happens to pass through the earth.

This could well be the survey team.

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Spectacular light pillars in Northern Ontario, captured by Timothy Joseph Elzinga in January 2017, look like an alien encounter [source: buff.ly/2ihQDxE]

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"It increasingly seemed like the Government of India could get away with blue murder in such a Supreme Court. The Court’s credulity hardly seemed credible. Its refusal to take action against such behaviour has exposed court hearings as kabuki theatre".

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Sambit Patra - Hooter

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Now that is done, here are some app suggestions for famous people:

Amit Shah- Shooter
Vijay Mallya- Looter
Sadhvi Pragya- Scooter

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"The signature case of the era is the Court’s systematic use of the PIL juggernaut to pursue the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the North-eastern state of Assam, forcing its 33 million inhabitants to prove their Indian citizenship with documents dating to 1971".

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I write on the Indian Supreme Court in the Modi era iacl-democracy-2020.org/blog/2

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I hate acronyms.



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I knew someone who would write YHTMAAAIYP on students' papers: "you have too many acronyms and abbreviations in your paper" twitter.com/ChadBown/status/13

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