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Hi I am Bel. I moved recently here because my original instance was a bit too sequestered and cut me off from a lot of friends. I'm a soon to be late 40s gamer that writes a semi-daily blog and hosts a semi-weekly podcast. I have this habit of hyper-fixating on a single game for a few months and then rolling on to another game. I play a lot of MMORPGs and most recently have been playing Guild Wars 2 and some FFXIV, but follow me long enough and you will see me dip my toes into pretty much all of them.

I occasionally post cute cat photos. I also make mixtapes complete with fake album art for fun.

It has been a weird few weeks, and as such have not been posting much anywhere but I wrote a thing this morning. Essentially yesterday I went down a rabbit hole that lead me to create a spreadsheet of all of the video game projects I have backed on Kickstarter over the last decade, and how wildly inaccurate the delivery date estimations have been.

Kickstarter Guesstimates

Morning blog time. I had to more or less force my way through this one. It is a bit of a mixed bag post talking a bit about leveling the Engineer in Guild Wars 2, the wrap-up of Moon Knight, and live-action CW-style Scooby Doo.

Taweret is Best

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Morning blog time. This morning I talk about having a rough day and then spending my evening crashed on the sofa leveling my smol Engineer in but also talk a bit about Moon Knight and Multiverse of Madness... and the Arclight Rumble reveal.

Engineers and Arclight

@stux I really dig the new mascot in the advanced interface :)

Morning Blog time. This morning I talk about some of the recent happenings in and stalling out in New Kaineng City. I unlocked Bladesworn on my Warrior, and also talk a bit about playing Ranger.

The Angriest Weed

Good Morning friends. I hope today finds you thriving. If not... I hope today gives you the strength to persevere.

Mornin, so as part of the whole daily blog thing I occasionally do a specific series. There is something that I am hung up on about the placing of songs in a specific order to deliver a specific feeling. I was one of those kids that made mixtapes for people, and even as a really bad attempt at flirting. Now I just make them for fun, and share them as part of my "Mixtape Mondays" series.

Today I plumb the depths of the music industry's "Emo Phase" from the mid to late 2000s. While I was too damned old to be a "Scene Kid", I absolutely felt a connection to my "Skater Punk" era.

Immaculately Overwhelmed

I also maintain an archive of the previous mixes that you can find here:

We recorded our podcast last night and it took some odd turns at times. We talked about Guild Wars 2 and how good Drizzlewood is... and how bad the final chapter of Living World 5 is. We talk a bit about WoW Dragonflight, but then dive off into a conversation about how the failed state of Warcraft has been extremely beneficial to games that are not just FFXIV. So many MMORPGs are thriving right now. We talk a bit about Flowstone Saga and Vampire Survivors... then unintentionally get into a full spoilers discussion of Outriders. We attempt to wrap the show up on Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe but accidentally dive into a discussion about Marvel and its current media trajectory.

AggroChat #387 - Drizzlewood Is Great

Friends... I really hate the word bespoke. I am sure it was probably a fine word at one point but it has become the harbinger of pretentious nonsense.

This is Josie and her Fort. She has proper toys but she loves being perched up on cardboard boxes. I tend to order two bags of dry cat food at once, and have figured out a way to open the box so that I can somewhat put it back together giving her back her perch.

We have a cat colony that hangs around our house. Some of which are friendlier than others, but all of which are still extremely feral. This is "Greybie" waiting on me to come outside and put a little food out. We have this bad habit of just coming up with quick monikers for the cats since they really aren't "ours" so since he is a grey tabby... those got concatenated together into Greybie.

I've been remote for three years and I had to go into the office today for an in person meeting... and I am like drained in ways that I did not expect to drain. Far too peopley up in there.

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

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I would like to cancel my automatically recurring subscription to allergies and sinus trouble, plz, where do I go to do this

Morning blog time. Last night I managed to catch up with my friend Grace, and we realized that we had not just had a long form "shoot the shit" session on Discord since last year. It was way the hell too long.

Partner in Crime

I freaking love the New Capenna setting in Magic the Gathering. I am hoping this gets some supplemental D&D products because it would be a great place to run a pen and paper game.

MTG really has been creating some interesting settings lately.

So our dear admin is fighting a battle of popularity as the instance continues to grow. @stux is doing a great job trying to keep things stable and make improvements. However I am absolutely certain there is a growing pricetag for all of this.

If you can you might check out the support page see if there is a way you can chip in.

I joined the Patreon to try and at least have a regular trickle of cash going in to help support the server.

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I wanna say sorry again for this "unstable" day the past 12 hours or so 😟 :blobpray:

Since I am awake the server has been upgraded one tier highter! Wasabi media storage has been paid and CC added with funds! Added another streaming cluster and I've mad a ton of changes to the configs during the day and still monitoring..

Learned and done a load today💪 Trust me, normally it's a lot more stable no and service issues❤️

Thank you all for the patience :blobcathug:

If you want to help me out in this quest please see the following pages with some links :blobcatspace:

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