I don't understand the relationship between Pleroma and Mastodon. Are Pleroma posts also showing on the federated feed on Tusky?

I'd rather have no cycling infrastructure than shitty cycling infrastructure. Especially in winter. I refuse to call this place a city until some serious investment is made. Until then, in the words of Venetian Snares: Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole


I'm still in such a relaxation mode rather than production. No interest in finishing any tunes, blog posts, drawings, etc. Just want to resssttt.

I wish still had an active chat community! I miss having great conversations and sharing tunes 😔

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Happy 50th birthday Project Gutenberg! ❤️

One of my favorites in your collection is 'The Midewiwin: Grand Medicine Society of the Ojibwa' by Walter Hoffman, 1891. It helped start my journey to ceremony and eventually connecting with Mide elders at home (many many where I live).


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Today it’s the 50th anniversary of Project Gutenberg.

If you’re unfamiliar with it: it’s a vast collection of freely available ebooks.


What education looks like. Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Behchokǫ̀, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Had a great visit with a family friend! She helped me with my plan on becoming a teacher. Very very excited for this upcoming year.

I always feel that when a medicine finds its way into my life that it's there to help me in that particular time. I current have a ridiculous amount of sweetgrass that's came from a bunch of different people places in the form of gifts. I'm going to be smudging with it every day a lot.

Can someone share with me what they know about sweetgrass? What does it do for someone, how does it help? What I've learned is that it's a positive medicine, in that it brings love and even good fortune. It doesn't cleanse like sage does, but instead 'adds' positive intentions and vibes to one's life. But that's all I've really figured out just from personal observations.

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a coworker of mine had a tour of the internet archive (archive.org) yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. they've got the use of an old church in san fran, and so they set up server racks in beautiful arched alcoves and leave the bulk of the space alone. it's absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish I worked there if it was outside the US.

Building my feeds, any suggestions for good blogs to follow?

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web surfing has become all but impossible. nothing links anymore, it's all narcissistic inside linking if anything. i used to surf links across the network, stumbling from one thing to the next, surprises and missteps. now it's all search hubs and feeds rather than networks.

what we use now via the http protocol isn't really the web anymore. there's no web here. it's all silos, standing alone and trying desperately to keep me from leaving. no longer a digital ocean, now small tide pools with no path between, left in the receding wake of the surf.

Tried out drawing with my tablet again!

When you're a mastodon bro.

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