@erinbern My blog isn't mirrored on Gemini, however I took design inspiration from there. I run a mostly empty capsule myself, but it somehow never stuck :)

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@litui I love complex UI and I also dig the treatment of the text (so many fonts!). Really different from western design 🤩

@litui compared to this hearts of iron looks like child's play UI

@maris oh nice I wish I could do that in design tools to quickly create an abstract version of a layout. Didn't know this font, will give it a spin. Thanks!

@zkat I'm a UX designer and could offer some help if needed. What's the expectation for the time commitment?

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has a new press release with a beautiful comparison image between it and Spitzer showing just how much more we are getting from this new space telescope! You can see the interstellar gas with so much detail.
Full details at blogs.nasa.gov/webb/2022/05/09

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@steve Ooooh how cool is that. I didn't even know this is possible. Did you use the recommender hardware from the raspinooaa V2 repo?

@ninjanichols Glad you like my little spacecraft ☺️ Also check Mohit Bhoite's work: bhoite.com/sculptures/

@Lululamarmiteontoast I started doing this at the beginning of the year. If you want to see more of it (and better), check out Mohit Boite's work. He inspired me to get started. bhoite.com/sculptures/

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