@bearislive great detailed report !
also I might use part of the code for my glowing mushrooms and magic flowers (I also use atiny85 but had not implemented sleep mode ... ;) )

@Olm_e oh please share a build report as well! Glowing mushrooms sounds interesting 🍄

@bearislive ok yes thanks for the push : I'll do step by step thread when I'll make some of them in the next months (in prep for an event) ...
(and try to better document the other past ones ;) )


Wow they're little works of art & just perfectly wonderful.

How long have you been creating these?

They're mesmerizing.

@Lululamarmiteontoast I started doing this at the beginning of the year. If you want to see more of it (and better), check out Mohit Boite's work. He inspired me to get started. bhoite.com/sculptures/


Well yours are very impressive, I love when delicate looking objects are made out of metal etc. I think it's the juxtaposition of metal & air/light/shadow.

I remember the intricate balsa wood framed bi-plane kits (probably done by older brother) & wondering why cover them with the layer of glued tissue paper. I always thought they'd looked best as naked light fixtures casting shadows.

*Honestly think that's the first time I've used the word juxtaposition ever. 😂😉

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