Hi y'all, I'm Peter and I like to build cute smol spacecraft from electronics and wire.

@bearislive I like the wire work I know how difficult it is, especially when you mess it up. It looks cute otherwise. I'll follow your work ^^

@poorpocketsmcnewhold Oooh you discovered my site. Yes, it blinks! 🚨​ The brass is a bit hard to solder indeed. I want to try out copper and see if it's any easier to work with.

@personinabox Thanks! Glad you like it. Such a warm welcome here. :ablobcatenjoy:

hi Peter, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse in general :)

That looks like a very cool toy craft! Do you have any more details you can share on how you make these things? For instance, is the chip on the battery purely for decoration, or does it have a purpose? I guess it's to regulate the power to drive the LED?

Btw, the Fediverse has sizeable community of users who benefit from images having descriptions (be it due to visual limitations, or just to clarify what they are looking at). After you upload an image, you can click on "edit" to add an image description, such as: "a toy satellite made out of a metal wireframe, two large surfaces that look like solar panels, a battery in the center with a chip attached, and a white LED. It's wireframe is resting on a wooden surface."

@FiXato Thanks, I didn't know that you could also add alt-text to images here. Will do next time! (I wish you could do it after posting)

The heart of the model is an ATtiny45 microprocessor. Its only function is to make the LED flash as soon as the capacitor is sufficiently charged by the solar cells. The circuit is not very smart - it does not even measure whether the solar cells are charging or not. My next model is a bit smarter, but I'm still working on it.

The wire is 1.2 mm brass wire. Made a build report here:

@bearislive I believe post edit support has recently been added to the main branch of Mastodon, so maybe soon you can add image descriptions after the fact. :)
Thanks for the details; I'll check out that build report later!

@bearislive Hi Peter, that's a very cute spacecraft indeed !

Soldering 3d shapes? I had to do that once in school and utterly hated it. Would never do it for fun - but then I really suck at soldering in general.

@drazraeltod Yea it's really fiddly, I can relate. Sometimes it drives me nuts as well 😬

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