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has a new press release with a beautiful comparison image between it and Spitzer showing just how much more we are getting from this new space telescope! You can see the interstellar gas with so much detail.
Full details at

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When you just can't throw away the plant clippings and keep pulling new houseplants even though you don't have room for them.

There is no moment I was happier to be on Mastodon than right now. :blobcatgooglycry:

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Smol Orion. And we're going 🚀 :sparkles_pan: :sparkles_blue: :sparkles_blue:

Now let's hope the big counterpart will do all right on it's trip to the moon 🤞

And he has a big brother 🌌 :sparkles_pan: 🛰️ That was a successful & crafty evening.

More pictures tomorrow in better light.

In anticipation of the Artemis-1 launch, I have started building the Orion spacecraft, including its service module. The rear half is already finished, for the first time with round bent wire. The four solar cells look great in this arrangement! :sparkles_blue: :sparkles_indigo: :sparkles_pan: It's really fiddly to get the wire perfectly round, but it's worth it for the look.

Image credit: NASA

Hi y'all, I'm Peter and I like to build cute smol spacecraft from electronics and wire.

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