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gonna bring my gremlin energy everywhere including msto

nsfw cursed text 

will/jack fic: your pirate c*mmies
1000k fic, enemies to lovers, sex pollen, lemon

yaoi!!! dont like dont read!! XD

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im watching pirates of the carribean w/ my bf for his bday and im just here like:

man if this movie came out during the tumblr era, then ppl would have shipped will & jack... we could have had johnlock, destial, merthur.... jackwill

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Brownie points? No you misheard, I'm giving out brony points, now gimme an epic bro hoof

i heard the new rwby season ep1 is alr chaotic and i am Scared but also excited

i just discovered r/normaldayinrussia and i truly have no words

little hope actually looks cooler than man of medan

anyway im still trying to figure out how tf to use this site im just here like uhhHHHHHHHHH

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Eating a tomato like an apple

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anyway congrats to america for finally getting rid of the cheeto

ill miss my twit friends but that site truly hates me and i cannot endure another suspension duE TO ME THREATENING A SNAKE FROM A RAID IN GBF

idk how this site works and i made multiple accs bc i was confused but now i see i can still see everyone no matter what domain i use LMAO

well ig it's time to be like fuck outta here twit and try smth new

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