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Microsoft: hey, everyone, contribute to our source code! Do it for our customers!

Now, how exactly will activists surf the Internet? They can't, so they will have to use public computers, but their search queries could reveal their approximate location if they raise suspicions. And even then, newspapers aren't trustworthy in many countries and the Internet is censored.

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WiFi chips will probably raise the price of the telegraphs and produce shortages, so we need to use low-power technologies such as LoRaWAN or similar. This means, we must make LoRaWAN to be widely adopted and present everywhere.

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Besides, buying at least one of those telegraphs will raise suspicions and will make it easier to trace the purchase to get your location.This is another problem, so we need to target them at an ultra wide market, so everyone buys them in big quantities and no suspicion is raised. They would have to be very useful so a wide adoption makes them impossible to ban.

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Thinking on creating an internet connected morse telegraph that targetted activists can use to communicate with the external world instead of a phone, so they can't be hacked. You'd buy a thousand of them so you can switch them each hour of use; so they have to be ultra cheap.

Although maybe Internet is not a good idea to begin with, as it leaks your IP and hacks can be made to install a keylogger into your telegraph. Any suggestions for something safer?

I would love to unfollow tons of shitposters, but many of them occassionally post good stuff too.

In 2050, humanity will become one of these:

“I will add that anyone who tells you that [insert fully free distro] does not run on their computer, is most likely mistaken or fibbing - [same distro] will run on most computers. What that person is really telling you, is that 3D graphics is more important than software freedom.”

— Not me (2022)

Don't use the package in Bullseye! It's an older version (0.18.0) and most of the engines are broken.

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So, it really turns out SearX is a Debian package!

It might eb that I'm still a noob with Orca, but my website doesn't seem to have accessibility issues. What is weird is that I explicitly added accessibility properties to icons in and they aren't getting read by Orca.

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I'm using Orca right now, trying to find out how to use it. It's not that easy, given I'm completely unfamiilar with screen readers at all. As an advocate for accessibility, I must learn these tools so I can improve the state of a11y on free systems.

JIT or not, there are ABSOLUTELY NO differences whatsoever in terms of security. None at all. Literally the same.

In JIT'd code, security lies on the compiler. The compiler must perform checks in the compiled code to make sure it doesn't access what's not supposed to.

In interpreted code, security lies on the interpreter/runtime, to isolate code execution and make sure the sandbox restrictions apply.

Security always relies on the implementation. Both JIT and interpreters have the same attack surface, and are generally insecure. Disable scripting if you really want more security. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

(Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Reading stuff with ADHD is almost impossible, unless your brain is at 99% of the vibe, which happens 1% of the time.

I suddenly started feeling a strong urge to attest to all servers that my computer runs TempleOS.

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