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I'm depressed right now. I hate myself for making myself go through this. I could've been just fine and not have to worry about all this stuff.

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If you go from being relatively normal to having an internal war on whether you are trans or not in a week, does that mean you're trans?

Deeeeeep beeneeeeeath theee waaaaves, liiiilliiiies of theeee daaaaaaay. 🎶 Run from hoooolloow hills, waalk intooo the niiiiiiight. 🎵

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I'm not against social constructs, I'm just against social constructs being forced upon us by others.

opsec = operations security.
cespo = opsec spelled backwards, the opposite of opsec.

I'm very good at cespo.

It doesn't show anything on screen! I can't figure out why!

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I need help! I need someone to help me with a simple C program with OpenGL + GLUT + GL stuff. It has to be before half an hour! (9:00 am CST)

Review: they basically took Dark Spring vibes and turned them into a whole album. It's 7's sound evolved, made a lot more maximalist: a lot sounds that fill every gap of the atmosphere, voice soft and layered, more like an instrument. It's still Beach House, it still sounds like it. It sounds more like 7 than like any other previous album.

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B... B... Beach House released a NEW album! (Actually, the first “chapter” of their new album.) I love it! Aaaaah.

Hello, everyone, I'll be Datzia (she/they) for now. I need to figure out something.

Disclaimer: I don't watch sports nor do I practice sports. I'm getting fat, I need to do some exercise at least.

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Disclaimer: I know nothing about box, I'm watching it because my brother and dad are watching it on the TV. I'm being told that's how sport commentators in general now comment sports. Lame.

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Box narrator right now:

And he takes him with his left hand, and he punches back with his right hand, and buy KFC with its delicious flavor for the whole family: KFC is the best chicken you'll find, and... K.O. He gets back up and fights back and tries to punch him but he evades the punch, and study English online with Open English, the best online school, take live and dedicated classes with experts and learn English faster and better! Then he punches back and grabs him and punches him and K.O.

Me: tomorrow I'll wake up at 11:00 am instead of 7:00 am.

Also me: I'm too lazy to set an alarm for tomorrow at 11:00 am, so I'll leave tomorrow 7:00 am alarm as an alarm to set an alarm for 11:00 am.

This article is actually good. I disagree with some parts and agree with others, but the main problems with free software (and free software communities) presented by the author and the proposed solutions make a lot of sense.

I disagree that access to source code shouldn't be a requirement for software to be free. And I believe the four essential freedoms of free software are crucial. I personally believe that freedom is more important than quality, although quality is still very important.

I agree that free software doesn't necessarily guarantee freedom, especially when the code is extremely large and complex (e.g. Firefox and systemd); but at least it gives you a chance. Granted, software should be a lot more simple. And yes, maybe the free software community should stop acting like a cult, because we're better than that.

Etc, etc, etc.

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