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Wirelessly, I'm usually at ~1Mbps and sometimes speeds feel decent. What is going on now?

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WhyTF is the whole Internet so slow today? I installed an Ethernet cable and speed testers are telling me I'm at ~40Mbps, and yet everything is extremely slow for no f*cking reason!

OOOOMMMMGGGG. Seems like Syncthing LUCKILY stopped working on my phone a while ago, before the encryption accident, so I have all my unencrypted files there! I can't believe it. If only I had opened the Syncthing app, the encrypted files from my computer would have synced, and my files would've been lost forever.

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I just noticed Intel's new 12th-gen CPUs are manufactured using a 10nm process (called Intel 7, because transistor density is supposed to be similar to competitors' 7nm processes), and they now have a mix of performance (P) and efficiency (E) cores, similarly to many ARM chips such as Apple M1.

Now threads aren't all the same, so there's a feature built into Windows 11 called “thread director,” that will be able to efficiency arrange processes between P and E core threads. I wonder if a similar feature is already being developed for Linux, and if so, how much it will take to arrive.

All my Nextcloud files are probably unrecoverable! I enabled encryption, then my instance somehow got corrupted so I had to wipe the database and reinitialize the instance with the data in place. When my instance got up, existing files were not automatically decrypted and as I was syncing with a local folder, my local files also got encrypted. The keys are there, I think, but I forgot in what moment I was supposed to set a recovery key.

My laptop was upgraded from an annoyingly terrible 1366x768 TFT LCD to a new awesome 1920x1080 LCD!

I just installed KDE Plasma 5.23 and it's FREAKING COOL!

Node.js is all random people in Nebraska thanklessly maintaining millions of packages that most projects are built upon.

I'm getting the Sputnik V tomorrow! I don't care if I can't travel to the US… health goes first!

@kde You said you were releasing KDE 5.23 today... where is it!!! It's October 14th already in Europe!

Also, I don't think Xenia should replace Tux officially. It would be nice to keep them both and use the one we prefer.

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I like this one: much simpler and smaller than the Cathodegaytube's version. Although still too complex for a small icon.

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I do not like the simplified version made by @QuestForTori: it's too simple and looks like a Firefox logo copycat... I mean, It could improve, but it just doesn't look like Xenia.

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I like Xenia, I think she’s cute and I like the way she represents the trans community; but, isn’t her too big (in size) and complex (in shape) to be a mascot for a software project? We need a miniature and simplified version that can remain recognizable in any size, just as well as Tux does.

RMS mention 

Btw, I'm CWing as a courtesy, because my intention is not to annoy toxic cancellists, but rather to express my excitement.

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