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“And we know it sucks that some aren't going to be eligible for Windows 11. But the reason we're doing that is to keep devices more productive, have a better experience, and most importantly have better security than before so they can stay protected in this new workforce.” Aria Carley, M$ Program Manager.

Does that mean Windows 11 is less productive and secure than 10, and therefore blocking people from upgrading will keep their devices more secure and productive?

By the way, it's very easy to misgender in Spanish, since a lot of grammar elements, such as adjectives, are gendered. Besides, neutral gender language is not accepted officially by the Real Academia Española, and that's one of the reasons people reject it so blatantly. Let's be honest, most people don't care too much about grammar, their hate (or ignorance) is disguised as grammatical correctness.

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[English] I support Andra, it deserves the utmost respect, as well as everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. No one forces everyone to use inclusive language when speaking generally; however, when someone asks to be treated or called a certain way, we must treat that person that way. Now, as other people are saying, it is valid to make mistakes, it's forgivable; but when it is intentional, it is a different thing.

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Yo apoyo a Andra, elle se merece todo el respeto del mundo, al igual que todas las personas de la comunidad LGBTQIA+. Nadie obliga a los demás a utilizar «lenguaje inclusive» cuando se habla generalmente; sin embargo, cuando alguien pide ser tratado o llamado de una forma, hay que tratar a esa persona de esa forma. Ahora que, como muchos dicen, es válido equivocarse, se perdona; pero cuando es intencional ya es otra cosa.

I have watched the series two times and counting. This time with my parents, they had to watch it!

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I accidentally downloaded transphobic Spanish subtitles for Mr. Robot. They keep referring to White Rose with male pronouns, even when in the show her correct pronouns were used by the characters since the beginning of the show. I'm going to have to correct them. Fuck transphobes.

For those who use Miniflux, what do you think of the contrast of the default dark theme?

This is how it looks like in my browser/platform:

“I’m not afraid of Facebook and I’m willing to ignore further C&D letters.”

I'm stunned about this app's UI/UX. I found the app on F-Droid. It's called ForgetMeNot.

Could we all take a moment to appreciate how terrible F-Droid search functionality is? It's just so exceptionally broken.

If Big Tech companies were cigarrette companies facing pressure by regulators:

Government: tobacco companies must include information approved by us on their boxes about the health dangers of smoking tobacco.

Marlboro: here at Marlboro, our top priority has always been the health of our consumers. However, we at Marlboro strongly oppose this drastic set of measures, as they will have a negative impact on the economy and our business. We at Marlboro invite the government to reconsider this.

My Fossil repositories are for the first time fully self-hosted at home. It was quick!


And trying to cancel those who are against it, too. Where's the support letter for Apple? Where's the open letter against those who oppose CSAM scanning?

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I don't see the mob that literally called RMS a pedophile defending the Apple's CSAM scanning. Lol.

People: *grab a microphone and record directly from speakers*
DRM: argh! Let's put DRM into microphones as well.
People: *play music aloud with friends*
DRM: friends must pay for music licenses as well!! We're losing lots of money! Let's put DRM into people's brains so they can only listen music they paid for.
People: start creating DRM-free and public domain music, and DRM industry goes bankrupt.
DRM: fuck, fuck, fuck. *dies*

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DRM industry: let's implement DRM into everything! Let's put DRM into desktop music players first.
People: *record music directly from audio output*
DRM: shit, mission failed. Let's make it illegal to circumvent DRM.
People: *Record music anyway*
DRM: shit, let's put DRM into audio output, so audio is encrypted until it reaches the speakers and headphone jack.
People: *plug audio recorder into headphone jack*
DRM: damn. Let's put DRM into audio recorders so they refuse to record DRMed audio.

I always keep extending the length of my diary entries, forcing myself to keep further entries equally lengthy, and missing some days because I'm lazy to write that much.

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