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Meanwhile, internal PR discussion at Facebook goes: “shit, people are starting to think we don't care about people, which is true, but we must act as if we did. We won't fix any of that, because our money depends on making people feel bad about themselves so they buy stuff.

Hmm, how do we make people think we're doing things right? Think, think… the thing to hide likes! Yes! We know perfectly fine it didn't work, but it's all we've got, so let's use that. Also, let's kinda say Instagram is bad (because we can't deny it at this point), and justify its evil saying Instagram is also good.

Let's also say we will make tweaks to our algorithms so they are less harmful. We won't, but it will serve as a temporary distraction. They won't be able to prove it anyway, as long as we don't give our detailed proprietary top secret research data. If they keep asking for it, let's just say it will hurt people's privacy, as if we cared about that.”

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Media: “Hey, Facebook, your products are making people feel bad about themselves, according to your own studies. This is #1001 reason why we think you're putting profit over people. What do you have to say about it?”

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Nevermind, I think someone in my class found what they actually mean. Pre-fetch is the preloading of instruction into a stack, also known as “pipelining“. The fetch cycle, or fetch-execute in the case of the 8086, is where the whole instruction cycle begins, the results of execution are stored and the cycle continues with the next instruction in the pipeline.

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Fedi people! Does anyone know what are the “pre-fetch” and “fetch” cycles on the Intel 8086 architecture exactly? I can't find resources where both are clearly separated. I'm starting to think my professor invented those terms to make us suffer.

It is urgent, this homework is for tomorrow, and I started doing it late. Boosts are appreciated.

@be No, no, it's called “forward bug compatibility”.

@Linux4Everyone The meme is fine, but you, let me interject for a moment...

Large companies' PR staff when caught undeniably doing evil things: “we reviewed our data and turns out we at [X evil corporation] have been doing [Y thing] for [Z time] indeed. We at [X] have not handled things properly. We at [X] will conduct an extensive internal investigation, so we at [X] can figure out ways to help improve [Y] situation; because at [X], our top priority is [Y] and we at [X] will work hard to make sure [Y] does not happen again.”

What they really mean: “shit, we've been caught, but we will pretend we didn't know about it and it was an accident, and make everyone think it will require a lot of work to fix things, even though they were intentional and we could easily stop doing them. People will soon forget about it and move on, and we won't fix shit because our real top priority is our reputation, money and power.”

@Dee If I was Dee I would simply contain things that make Internet feel good and not things that make Internet feel bad.

I want to search for definitions on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS “cloud” services, and it's very difficult to find actual definitions that don't sound like sales pitches. Every site that “explains” what these things are, belongs to a ”cloud” provider that wants to convince you that the cloud is magic and will magically solve all of your problems.

@lanodan Thanks, I'll do it next time. For now, I will just «thread» it.

@tbernard @Ged You ignore the needs of those who don't contribute, as if your product was only intended for contributors, and not users in general. Is GNOME built to serve GNOME developers or GNOME users?

@tbernard @Ged Sorry, but I agree with Martin, GNOME has taken decisions that haven't been too democratic. I know you, GNOME overlords, have your vision, and that's okay; but you can't just break things ignoring the community needs. Or am I wrong?

@neo @abloo I will block you. 😡

Nah, don't worry, I do it too. I always forget what goes first on grep arguments, so I use cat.

@abloo «Hey, professor, you're not supposed to grep a cat using a pipe in practice.»

@abloo I just posted something about it. Right now I'm giving another chance to KDE Wayland session, and it's working MUCH better than the previous times I've used it, not long ago. Bugs have been fixed, some functionality has been implemented, etc. It's progressing very fast, although it might take a few years to be a good replacement for

I gave KDE Wayland session another chance, and this time it is running a lot snappier and many bugs have been fixed. I hope I can soon reliably replace X11 with Wayland.

@arielcostas Yes, it disables it partially, you still have the new icons and other stuff, but I think it's enough for me.

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