Sad. EXTREME violence :( 

@vortex_egg Unfortunately, it happens a lot in the place where I live, like, in the literal sense. Dead people (sometimes children) are placed dismembered in plastic bags in waste dumps, by drug cartel members^W^Wterrorists, which is extremely sad.

@nacioss @be I agree with him as well. Music players shouldn't do “destructive” actions. Many players manage the music library using a database, so deletion means deleting from the database and not from the filesystem, which IMO is better.

@Koishi @chjara As far as I know, being Jewish doesn't mean he can read Hebrew. Anyway, I will call it PISSCORP from now on.

anti-vaccine, morbid joke 

@Dee I actually see it as good intentioned. Like telling people they will die if they don't vaccinate, and that it's good for them anyway, because they will have more business.

@JoseMariaHdz @gatooscuro Yo el problema que he experimentado con Watomatic es que la mayoría de la gente:
1. Ignora los mensajes y me sigue hablando por WhatsApp.
2. Prefiere dejarme de hablar a usar otro medio.
3. El punto 1, pero rápidamente se fastidian de las respuestas automáticas y pasan al punto 2.

Es triste, pero de algún modo tengo que comenzar a poner bien claro que no voy a utilizar WhatsApp ni por ellos.

@JoseMariaHdz Mi plantilla es esta:

Por favor contáctame por otro medio si es posible. Facebook y todos sus productos son un cáncer para la sociedad.

Signal: este mismo número.
Telegram: este mismo número.
Correo: <dirección e-mail>
Otros: <sitio web>

Este es un mensaje automático.

JetBrains Mono font looks suspiciously similar to Iosevka.

@stux Nobody tells me what to do, I will eat the pizza first and then the box.

@nuel You can't spell trains without trans. There's an i left that stands for i'm trans.

If you don't give dictators the power to use Telegram's code to enslave people, then you don't give people the power to use Telegram's code to fight and resist dictatorship. Durov, that's not a valid excuse. You need to free Telegram's server code if you really want freedom for the people.

Recently, Wayland session has been causing a lot less trouble than in KDE 5.22.5.

This joke applies to any country with an oppresive regime.

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China: in this country, there are two types of people: those who oppose the goverment and those who don't.

China: now there's only one.

@mrkz Does 8086/8088 have branch prediction? We will only learn about that one.

Facebook PR response: “here at Facebook, our top priority is to make Instagram a safe space for everyone to interact, have fun and create meaningful relationships. Although here at Facebook we are aware of the consequences Instagram has over teenagers, we at Facebook also think Instagram has also been a positive force in people's lives.

Nonetheless, we at Facebook have created tools to help people protect from bullying, such as hiding likes in posts. We at Facebook are also working on improving our algorithm so that Instagram users get distracted from topics that might affect their mental health, as soon as we at Facebook detect they are looking at them repeatedly.

We at Facebook do that because all we care about here at Facebook is the happiness and well being of our Instagram users.

We at Facebook will find ways to hand researchers more detailed data on our research in ways that don't affect Instagram users' privacy.“

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