@m Estoy de acuerdo en que el transporte público es la solución; pero en su estado actual, es de muy mala calidad, al menos en varias partes de México. Es también muy inseguro, ya que hay asaltos. Ni siquiera es gratuito.

@logan @alcinnz Well, whatever, the point of a mass extinction is not that ALL of the species die, but rather that a rapid decrease in population happens as a result of some event, which will likely happen by 2050.

My point was that the priorities of humanity will change: everyone will fight for survival, and thus, free software will become the last thing people care about.

@logan @alcinnz By that time, climate change will probably have caused a mass extinction.

@alcinnz So good for you to have that attitude! I won't give up entirely to my principles, but even if we somehow make it past 2050, life will be a hell for everyone, and their priorities will be survival, not free software.

I think I'm losing my motivation to change the world. We won't make it past 2050, so I'm not even sure who would benefit from my legacy. I just want to enjoy the time I have left.

@Decentralize_today I didn't read the article, but humanity won't last that long anyway.

Did you know? There have been three important earthquakes in Mexico happening exactly the same day: September 19th. One in 1985, another in 2017, and now once again in 2022. No scientific explanation yet for the coincidence.

@theruran Just as long as the build process doesn't become troublesome (as it did with Firefox) or centralized and the kernel continues supporting the same architectures, then I see no issues.

This really fucking hurts, this person is fucking right. I won't abandon the free software movement, but still, I will reconsider a lot of things.


Arduino IDE 2.0 is now based on VS Code instead of Processing. I don't like the idea, I hope 1.0 stays for a while.


@matrix Wow, you really did a full-blown ad to promote your layout change.

When five billionaires cite you in the desert to talk about the future of technology, and they end up talking about bunkers to escape the climate crisis they helped create, it makes you think that, indeed, WE'RE FUCKED.


@geotechland Wow, I grant you the Worst Theme Award of 2022 for this.

@cobra Yes, I actually respect him very much, he's my idol, and I agree that he's right most of the time. It's just sometimes a bit fun, though, as it leads to some good memes, such as the «I'd like to interject for a minute» copypasta.

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