Hmm, this sounds pretty much like ADHD, and also sounds pretty much like me. Hey, likely ADHD person, we need to talk!

My dysfunctional brain decided to draw weird Spongebobs instead of entering my current class.

There's something clearly wrong with my little 3 min hour glass. Sometimes I don't remember having turned it upside down, and nonetheless I find it counting. Maybe I suffer from dissociative personality disorder and there's an alter ego secretly turning it upside down for me, as if it was their only purpose.

For those who use Miniflux, what do you think of the contrast of the default dark theme?

This is how it looks like in my browser/platform:

I'm stunned about this app's UI/UX. I found the app on F-Droid. It's called ForgetMeNot.

Lol. GNOME developers have sense of humor. I'm no longer one of those people, btw. These days I'm pretty fine with Breeze and Breeze Dark all the time.

Yay! This is a screenshot of my LineageOS 16 homescreen. Yes, I installed WhatsApp, because as much as I hate it, it's essential to me and to a lot of people. It's the only non-free app I have installed, though.

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Here comes the PR bullshit. Translation: “We at Zoom don't give a shit about our clients' privacy, we only want money, but we have to act as if we cared so we can get away with this. Tis nothin but a scratch anyway… pocket change.”

Here it is, folks. Here you have Microsoft's excuse for stealing your code for training GitHub Copilot. “Fair Use.”

Next step for DRM idiotheads: embed DRM into our brains or else we won't be able to watch any kind of content.

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