Microsoft: hey, everyone, contribute to our source code! Do it for our customers!

Nice! My old, bent and rusty USB that I bought in 2013 to use Ubuntu's live session back when I first discovered Ubuntu, still works! Or so it seems.

It is now being used to boot Parabola.

What am I doing wrong? If we divide 255 GiB between the number of MiB per head, we have 32 heads as a result! And thus, 16 platters. The official answers say it is 16 heads and 8 platters.


Yesterday, I learned how to use ftrace (trace-cmd) to record the syscalls made on behalf of any process, or even all processes. I followed the instructions that I found in the following paper:

I found the paper here:

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Aww, I love my school. They always use the LGBTQIA++ flag (with the triangle) in their support posts.

I'm running the riscv64 port of Debian in QEMU! I got the image from here:

Now, what use is that? What should I do with it?

Finally, after years of searching I found this gem! Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors is one of my favorite music albums ever, along with Bitte Orca (also by Dirty Projectors).

I framed the posters that came with my Once Twice Melody LP. They look so lovely in my room!

Yes, of course I ordered the gold edition of Once Twice Melody!

This one was commissioned rather than generated using Picrew! It's a less femme look, but I like it too. Later I'll ask the same guy to give me more looks.

Cheating on Warble (Wordle clone) using a Bash script. Well, not exactly cheating.

The word I chose: GIDDY
The actual word: BIDDY

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