This letter will kill RMS (/s) 

Hey, Richard! I heard you were friends with the creator of Linux, my favorite open source OS. I use it everyday because it is free, so I didn't have to pay for it; unlike Windows, which has a lot of intellectual property. You contributed to Linux and for that reason I think you're a great coder!

I hate the idea of open source, because giving everything away for free means you can't eat because you don't get paid. But the version of Linux I'm using (Ubuntu) is very good and I love the design, it is better than Windows. Now I don't have to crack Windows anymore!

I want to be like you someday, can you teach me how to code so I can become the next Linus Torvalds and create an entire OS from scratch? It will not be open source because I want money, but you will be more famous if my OS takes off, so please help me. I have no money to give you, but please help me and I will pay you when I get money.

Best wishes.
Kai Janes (they/them)


This letter will kill RMS (/s) 

[Just to clarify, I'm not making fun of people who are very clueless and misinformed regarding the free software movement and GNU/Linux in general. This could have been me when I was 12. I'm just making fun of RMS' pedantism.]

@avalos i'll have you know some of his pedantism is actually helpful
definitely not all of it though

@cobra Yes, I actually respect him very much, he's my idol, and I agree that he's right most of the time. It's just sometimes a bit fun, though, as it leads to some good memes, such as the «I'd like to interject for a minute» copypasta.

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