For a limited time (a week), a stupid five paragraph love (not) story I wrote called «Useless melodrama» will be available for free.

Download link:

For a limited time (a week), a new stupid loveless story I wrote after yet another bad experience, will be freely available for download.

Download link:

For a limited time (a week), a continuation of my first loveless story “Useless Melodrama” (no longer available) will be out for those who want to read a five-paragraph tragedy of the personal experience that concluded recently, and how negativity can destroy a possibility.


Yet another loveless series of what started with “Useless Melodrama”. The original version that I published yesterday was incomplete, it was missing a lot of things. This new version has nine paragraphs, versus four in the original.

“Once Again” is a nine-paragraph tragedy that is a sequel of “Decency”, and takes place months after its events. It will be available only for a week, as a free download.

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