My teachers are suddenly obsessed with pronouns today?

One that I deeply respect because of how good as a teacher he is, said “I won't use inclusive pronouns unless you bring to me a dictionary and show me that it is officially accepted.” He has talked about how we should respect and include people regardless of their sexual orientation (which he exemplified with Turing), religion, and other characteristics.

The next class, the other teacher said “there are people who, because of their sexual orientation [sic], want us to change the way we speak.” (I tried to correct her.) She explained the whole thing as it if was a joke, which is sad because otherwise she's a nice person. She later said that if someone wants to be called in a certain way, she would do it.

I came to think that, maybe, in many cases, it's not necessarily transphobia, but rather that they're not educated about sex and gender identity issues, and thus they don't give them enough importance or seriousness.



This is key in the movement towards inclusion! It is important that we understand that not everyone is well educated about LGBTQ+ issues, and that their offensive actions might not even be intentional, so we can peacefully attempt to educate them and guide them. People can change, so let's give them a chance instead of cancelling them on their first misstep.

If they refuse to understand, or make clear their offenses were intentional, then it is a different story and the arguments I presented do not apply. We still need to act with a lot of consideration, though.


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