I'm not very excited about new people coming to Mastodon, as people don't even care about anything it represents, they're just here for the “hate Elon” hype. They will leave soon, you'll see.

However, I'm glad for the few ones who will stay until the end.

Following up on my previous post, I believe that what the Fediverse is doing (being welcoming and helping out) is the right thing, of course. I said most newcomers don't care about the things Mastodon represents, but I figured out that's probably because they weren't even explained what it represents in the first place. It's our duty to explain it to them.

But, if we want them to listen, first we have to accept them and stop being so elitist: they're people like you and me. Not everyone will share our views, beliefs and knowledge, but we can't exclude them because of that. In other words, not everyone will be your ideal radical anarcho-communist, free software and privacy advocate/zealot. Not everyone will want to talk 24/7 about why the Fediverse is better than Twitter.


We have to accept the Fediverse is not all ours, by design. It's not up to anyone to decide who stays or who leaves. Of course, admins are free to moderate instances according to their ideologies, and encourage others to do the same. The Fediverse doesn't care about politics or religion, or anything, that's up to its citizens.

Let's make this clear: the goal of Mastodon/Fediverse is not to turn everyone into anti-capitalist zealots, but rather to exist as a place for everyone to be part of, that no central entity can control. As simple as that. If you want to change things in this world, speak, that's what this place is for.


@avalos I observe there are many who tried Mastodon before, like me, but left because there was just not quite enough critical mass of active users. Hopefully now critical mass will be sustained.

Certainly there are no blocking technical issues. Mastodon has been amazingly reliable.

@anji @avalos I think that’s probably it really. I stayed away from Twitter because my people were all on Facebook. Now it’s become a similar thing with Twitter and Mastodon. I’m trying to get the word out so my fave science and med twitterers find their way here. If I can get the same kind of up to date info here no point in Twitter imo

I think the best thing we can do right now is answer questions and help people navigate this place. This isn't quite the same as Twitter so they're encountering a new UI and the whole concept of federation

@trebach I bet most people simply want a Twitter clone that is not owned by Elon, and as soon as they find something that is different from Twitter, they'll complain and leave.

@trebach Oh, but sure, helping newcomers out will definitely help a bunch of people to stay rather than leave.

@avalos ,Hmmmmmmm :/

Never Make Assumptions,

If I'd Known Of Mastodon Years Ago, I Would Have Joined :)

I Am Staying Either Way :)

Not Sure I'd Delete My 2009 #Twitter Account, However I Will Be Using Mastodon More & Hope To Bring Many More To Join & Stay Permanently Too :)

@avalos I've seen this take a lot today, but it really just sounds like people expect Mastodon to be a platform to discuss... Mastodon. If that's what y'all want, then why should anyone stick around? I don't think that circle jerk is any more interesting than the Musk related ones.

@avalos I think this is very unfair. I'm one of those people and I'm here to stay because I like everything about Mastodon and its many communities much more than what Twitter has ever offered. The people you are concerned about would probably not ever actually be leaving Twitter, and the people willing to make the platform switch here are committed enough to be sacrificing the communities they did love on Twitter to be here.

Please give them a chance and you might be surprised. Or don't and we'll find our own way.

@StarshipEngineer No, this is not unfair, it's just unfortunate. I'm glad you like Mastodon, and I hope you stay. What I'm trying to say is that the majority of newcomers won't stay for long. This kind of hype is not new, and at this point I know how it works.

It is very likely most people aren't even switching here, they still use their Twitter account and want to try Mastodon to see what the hype is all about.

I'm not the one to give them a chance, btw. I'm not saying they shouldn't be here, nor not allowing them in here, I'm just doing assumptions.

@avalos Not necessarily hate, could be a smart choice. I originaly joined Masto because I waned to get away from Zuckerberg's private empire and did not see Twitter as any better.

@avalos you're wrong, those who moved to mastodon were already frustrated with twitter

@Aman9das No one was frustrated with Twitter, most of them got here because Mastodon was trending. Same as no one was really frustrated with WhatsApp until Elon posted “Use Signal“. At the end, most people who moved, went back to WhatsApp.

You don't have to take my word for it, we'll see.

@avalos @Aman9das
No one? I hear what you are saying but you make an awful lot of generalisations.
I have had nothing but a fantastic experience on here. If the first interaction would have been with yourself my impression would have been very different and I would have probably left.
I'm still learning and finding my feet, have followed a few accounts and finding people (new and old users) are very receptive and welcoming.
I'm still struggling with a few things but willing to put the effort in to learn and 'fit in'.

@KlyDJ @avalos yeah make an introduction post, people will start to interact, organically..

Poirot or Ms Marple?

@KlyDJ @Aman9das The fediverse is a welcoming place, indeed, and I hope this will help get more people stay; but it will still be a minority, probably a small one.

@avalos @Aman9das That's simply not true. Twitter did stupid shit ALL THE TIME.

I came when they started integrating NFTs into the platform, but I was frustrated with it for a long time. Everybody who I saw use it had a long list of grievances regarding the site

@avalos I've returned recently in conjuction with Elon, but not necessarily bc of him. I've been thinking of coming back for quite a while, but I don't really know anyone here whereas I know a few people on birdsite quite well.

I *am* hoping many of them come over here so I don't feel so lonely. This place is pretty great, but I struggle to build new friendships, IRL or virtual so I'm not ready to give them up completely.

Basically, I'm diversifying. 😁

@allenstenhaus We all know Twitter's business model, as well as everyone else's, is locking people into their walled gardens, so what you feel when trying to leave is precisely “I'm not ready to give [my friends] up completely.”

It's okay if you don't leave Twitter, but it's better if you get new friends here and convince your Twitter friends to move here as well.

It definitely took me a LOT of effort to find people here back in 2018 and 2020. But thanks to the federated timeline, I managed to get a bunch of fedi-friends.

@avalos That’s fair. I haven’t been here long and am still trying to figure it out, but I am surprisingly not missing the bird app troll-a-thon at all. I think more people than expected will feel the same. The community so far seems very genuine. I’m staying.👍

@avalos I'm cool with the influx of people, no matter the reason. As you said, some will stay. If anything it helps them realize there are alternatives out there. I think the biggest hurdle to getting widespread adoption is celebrity use. People love to follow their favorite celebs on Twitter, and if they aren't getting that from Mastodon, they will likely stay on Twitter even if they use Mastodon occasionally as well.

@varpness Yes, totally agreed. Twitter nowadays is less of a social network and more of a “celebrity network.” Mastodon aims to be similar to Twitter, but federated, and people will expect to get from it the same they get from Twitter. So, this hype is doomed to end quickly if the goal isn't met.

@avalos I’m a newbie here, and while I am personally very excited about mastodon’s open-source and distributed server nature, I think there’s lots of great folks who aren’t technical enough to totally appreciate the benefits of that. But— if they’re willing to show up, and stick around, and contribute to the community, then I think they deserve to be here as much as the next person.

@TheShellyTea Yes, absolutely they deserve it. I'm not saying they shouldn't be here at all, I'm just guessing what might happen soon with all this hype.

@avalos that totally makes sense. It's a lot of time and effort to make the switch, and it helps you stick around if you have that extra connection to the idea of what Mastodon brings to the table.

@avalos The more, the merrier I say! Vigorous, responsible civic forums are necessary for healthy democracies everywhere. 🌎

@avalos I tried out mastodon years ago, and for me, the “I’m moving to Canada… er… Mastodon” tweets reminded me of my old account that I never really gave a chance with life being what it is.

@avalos yeah… not with this reception they won’t stick around

@avalos exactly, they don’t even know fully how to use it. Have to pick a good instance, or either self host it if your good at sys admin skills…

@xbdm I wonder if they actually know what an instance is, I bet many are like “hey, this app is cool.”

@avalos Despising what Elon stands for is as good a reason as any, I think. It means those people are already somewhat in line with what Mastodon stands for.

Not everyone can care about everything, all the time. Not everyone can have the same convictions as you because everyone's circumstances are different.

But, I get you, I struggle with it as well, e.g., “how can they not think like that?” Especially regarding people who still use Zuckerberg's products.

@avalos I can’t agree. Many are just learning about the platform (myself included) that see value in decentralization and just didn’t have the opportunity to spend time to learn.
Hate Elon or not, Mastodon is better for it,
My Twitter account predates the use of the hashtag. I was there. I saw the controversy.
I see this as an opportunity, not a setback.

@avalos Only those who can adopt a completely different mindset from the one they had on Twitter will stay.

Mastodon isn't a 1:1 clone of Twitter, and those who think it is might be disappointed.

However, if they accept Mastodon as it is and enjoy it, finding good folks to talk with, there's no reason to leave 🙂

@avalos According to Eugen, there are about 90k new accounts across all federated servers. That's 0.02% of Twitter. If I were them, I wouldn't be worrying just yet.

@avalos anarchy is terrible in my opinion, so yeah, we do differ a lot as people :)

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