“Apollo landed on the moon with 4 kB of RAM and 72 kB of ROM, yet we can’t run a calculator with less than 150 MB.”

@avalos in fairness, the AGC kept its interactions with humans to a minimal, machine-convenient form ;-)

now, GEOS on the other hand... What I don't understand is why linux didn't embrace using shared object files the same way windows embraced dynamic linked libraries

@avalos also

"If I ship an app for Windows I don’t have to include the entire Win32 or .NET runtimes with my app."

I am an old and I in fact do remember the dark ages when we distributed apps in shiny plastic discs which did in fact contain the entire .net framework, as it was changing so quickly that you couldn't be sure the computer you were installing had a sufficiently recent version of .net framework installed.

This is the terrible past we seem insistent on repeating in Linux except worse. At least you only ended up with one instance of each version of .net installed. Now we are doubling down and also making sure each app has its own special copy of libraries that are probably installed a few other times already.


@avalos my phone is more powerful than my highschool laptop, yet refuses to do things it did easily without an internet connection. It'd fit on a floppy, just cache it!

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