Hello, everyone, I'll be Datzia (she/they) for now. I need to figure out something.

Datzia upgraded to v0.2.1-alpha.

* Pronouns changed from she/they to she/her.


Datzia upgrated to v0.3.0-alpha.

* Confidence boost: fuck, I'm trans + non-binary and I don't even have to explain why! I'll keep my new name and pronouns.
* I will try not to stress about terms and labels. What follows in this version is not figuring out who I am, but how do I want to express my gender.

Datzia Alejandra upgraded to v0.4.0-alpha.

* Name update! Datzia Alejandra! (My birth name is Alejandro too).
* My gender is probably fluid, but I will keep my name, pronouns and labels as static.

The Datzia Experiment™ will be put on hold. I feel like I pressured things too much. I think I'll continue this journey privately. Meanwhile, I will revert online to my previous identity, until I figure things out. You can still use my new identity (I'd prefer it) when talking privately!

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