This article is actually good. I disagree with some parts and agree with others, but the main problems with free software (and free software communities) presented by the author and the proposed solutions make a lot of sense.

I disagree that access to source code shouldn't be a requirement for software to be free. And I believe the four essential freedoms of free software are crucial. I personally believe that freedom is more important than quality, although quality is still very important.

I agree that free software doesn't necessarily guarantee freedom, especially when the code is extremely large and complex (e.g. Firefox and systemd); but at least it gives you a chance. Granted, software should be a lot more simple. And yes, maybe the free software community should stop acting like a cult, because we're better than that.

Etc, etc, etc.

@avalos I quite agree with your perspective on this link!

Personally I view The Four Freedoms as a bare minimum, and no I don't insist you publish your code publicly!

I find forking an interesting topic to draw out here: I think it must always be an option, but it's certainly not an ideal one for anyone. Unfortunately some of these freetards (or as I prefer "fossbros") prominantly oppose certain forks, which I think contradicts software freedom!


@avalos I certainly agree that massive projects like Gecko/Blink/Webkit are threat to software freedom, which is why I enjoy building my own browser engines! The Linux kernel however can't be helped unless we want to incur the environmental cost of throwing away perfectly good hardware.
Though making software that's too simple can also be a problem (lack of quality & internationalization).

So there's also the camp that celebrates codesize opensource can accomplish to oppose...


@avalos I think you might like these related links...

Software Freedom isn't Just About Licenses - Alyssa Rosenzweig:

Whatsapp & the Domestication of Users - Seirdy:


P.S. Ironically I view opposition to RedHat a fossbro smell. While I can't speak to the project management, I think systemd's complexity is exagerated.

@alcinnz I have read them, they're amazing! Both authors write awesome articles.

@avalos highly dislike the term they are trying to coin in the title. Makes an otherwise decent article leave a sour taste in my mouth

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