“And we know it sucks that some aren't going to be eligible for Windows 11. But the reason we're doing that is to keep devices more productive, have a better experience, and most importantly have better security than before so they can stay protected in this new workforce.” Aria Carley, M$ Program Manager.

Does that mean Windows 11 is less productive and secure than 10, and therefore blocking people from upgrading will keep their devices more secure and productive?

“That group policy will not enable you to get around the hardware enforcement for Windows 11. We're still going to block you from upgrading your device to an unsupported state since we really want to make sure that your devices stay supported and secure.”

Such state is unsupported because you decided to make it so. What you are saying is that W11 is more reliant on hardware than software for security, which means W11 without hardware security is insecure, and by extension, W10 is insecure too.

@avalos I have a feeling I won't approve of Microsoft's definition of "security"...

@alcinnz @avalos “we won’t let anyone else have your data”

@avalos Everybody knows about it, but it feels good to have a concrete example, so: my mum’s desktop computer bought second hand near 2007 was running under Windows 7, about one year after EOL she got a virus datamining from Google’s index. So a few months later I’ve upgraded her computer, and then she got more and more bugs, including one preventing her from opening her file explorer or opening windows.

(Which is kinda awful for an OS named "Windows", but whatever.)

There was something weird with the HDMI cable so I’d tried to boot on Fedora Linux and everything was working smoothly, Firefox had launched in about 30 seconds like on my much more recent laptop (compared to Chrome launching after 10 minutes), etc.

:redtick: Security
:redtick: Support
:greentick: Microsoft
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