DRM industry: let's implement DRM into everything! Let's put DRM into desktop music players first.
People: *record music directly from audio output*
DRM: shit, mission failed. Let's make it illegal to circumvent DRM.
People: *Record music anyway*
DRM: shit, let's put DRM into audio output, so audio is encrypted until it reaches the speakers and headphone jack.
People: *plug audio recorder into headphone jack*
DRM: damn. Let's put DRM into audio recorders so they refuse to record DRMed audio.

People: *grab a microphone and record directly from speakers*
DRM: argh! Let's put DRM into microphones as well.
People: *play music aloud with friends*
DRM: friends must pay for music licenses as well!! We're losing lots of money! Let's put DRM into people's brains so they can only listen music they paid for.
People: start creating DRM-free and public domain music, and DRM industry goes bankrupt.
DRM: fuck, fuck, fuck. *dies*

DRM: damn. Let's put DRM into people's digital brain so they can't hear DRMed audio.

@avalos fwiw, I only buy music from and download as DRM-free FLAC... Seems to work well, and all the artists I'm interested in are there.

@avalos you forgot the part where they killed the headphone jack.

Also, as a musician in Germany, you can't have a concert with your own music without the venue paying "GEMA", the centralized national music copyright holders organization. Even when you aren't a member of GEMA, you have to pay them a processing fee so they can process the piece of paper that says you're only playing your own stuff.

Also, they got this monopoly in 1933, from a certain newly elected administration.

@guenther @avalos that's almost 1:1 the situation in Italy. Should I check when the SIAE (the equivalent to GEMA) was founded?

They don't technically/legally have a monopoly, but still have a de facto one.

Same bullshit applies to Spain. "the saviours" of musicians or "the vultures" of the musicians?

@avalos wait till there's DRM for the brain. It will filter anything you haven't paid for, before it reaches your conscience.

@selea No, it will be required by law that all recorders implement DRM.

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