I'm planning to buy a smartphone I can install LineageOS into, in order to replace my current iPhone. I've been wanting to do it for a long time, but I've had different priorities, and I wasn't sure which smartphone to choose as a replacement. An ideal smartphone has to meet the following criteria:
1. Supported by LineageOS.
2. Bootloader unlocked or easily unlockable.
2. Durable and reliable.
3. Not too old, not too slow.

I'm considering getting a Moto G7 Play, because it's cheap, supports the latest version of LineageOS, and it's not too old nor slow.
Pinephone is definitely not an option, since the mobile *Linux ecosystem is still not too mature enough for using it as a daily driver. Besides, import taxes and shipping costs are huge, and basically double the price.
Google Pixel meets all of the criteria, except it's too expensive, even used ones.

Aaaaaaaaaaargh. My mom got a new phone, and gave me her Huawei P20 Lite. I'm trying for a while to unlock the bootloader without paying money. What happens is that Huawei stopped providing unlock codes, so a bunch of people got all the codes and are now selling them, so you have to pay if you want to unlock your phone's bootloader. THERE HAS GO BE A WAY TO DO IT FOR FREE! I don't have money right now and I'm impatient. :P

Yes! There was a way! Now I'm running the latest official version of LineageOS (16) that supports my phone model. It is no longer supported, but it's recent enough to me. I'm satisfied. I didn't have to pay for an unlock code after all, thanks to this wonderful free (as in freedom) tool:

Now that this method worked, and I'm happily running a freer operating system, I'm no longer planning to buy a new phone until this one stops working or the OS shows its age.


Yay! This is a screenshot of my LineageOS 16 homescreen. Yes, I installed WhatsApp, because as much as I hate it, it's essential to me and to a lot of people. It's the only non-free app I have installed, though.

I decided to not to use anything related to Facebook, and it's creating a lot of problems to me (WhatsApp is the de-facto standard here)

2 years since that. I hope I can keep the ban

@txusinho I need to do the same at some point. I'm still not brave enough to challenge the established social order. 😔

The most painful thing is that I can no longer interact with certain people since their preferred tool to send messages is WhatsApp (almost) exclusively

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