Let's create a million instruction set computer (MISC), where each instruction executes a different program hardwired into the CPU. Yes, a whole operating system with millions of apps will be hardwired into the chip! The idea is that you can use some Bash-like low-level language instead of Assembly. The language for a full GNU/Linux distro would look something like this:


What do you think?

Regarding updates, well, you will have to buy a new CPU every time there's an important update. This CPU could also be called: OSoC (operating system on a chip). There would be no need to install anything, you can simply request that your program is added to the chip design, and it will be included in later versions.

@avalos a couple of things:

- day one security patches would require a completely new CPU, as would application updates
- a new emoji would mean a new CPU
- the die size would fill a room
- transporting a CPU that size would require a dedicated team of people in antistatic suits
- the power requirements would mean you'd have to own a nuclear power plant; hydro dam, or harness the energy of a small solar system
- you could use it as a heating element to cook meals on
- condensation or cooling with heat pipes may not cut it
- L1 and L2 cache would want to be... rater large
- imagine the size of a motherboard
- plugins and app updates would need a new CPU
- You could use it in the Arctic Circle, and gain the benefits of both keeping your house warm, and keeping the CPU temp down
- it'd have to be about 3 feet thick to stop bending or warping
- you could mount it on the wall to use as a kind of surrealist futurism type of art piece

Hehe 🤣👍

@nick Awesome, now I want a MISC CPU even more! Thanks for the details.

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