I was looking for a free (as in freedom) Instagram client and found Barinsta (formerly called Instagrabber) was taken down entirely two days ago, after a cease and desist (C&D) order from a law firm representing Facebook. Ugh. I hate Facebook even more now!


Today I found out Great Big Story was shut down 9 months ago. They produced awesome, interesting and high quality videos that I enjoyed watching a lot. But then, capitalism ruined things as usual, and CNN shut down GBS because it wasn't profitable enough. 😭 😭


HELP! I need to know which GUI frameworks support accessibility and which ones don't, and to what degree each. Is there some kind of nice list or something? What are the best resources on accessibility in Free Software?

I think one of my main problems is that I'm too scared of hacking stuff, of messing with code, of trying to understand how software works. I need to get rid of that fear! I MUST HACK EVERYTHING! HACK THE PLANET!

Does anyone have an EULA-free Android SDK build you could give me? Preferably API level 26+. 🥺

I've been trying unsuccessfully to build one using beuc's recipes: gitlab.com/android-rebuilds. It takes a lot of time and storage!

Regarding updates, well, you will have to buy a new CPU every time there's an important update. This CPU could also be called: OSoC (operating system on a chip). There would be no need to install anything, you can simply request that your program is added to the chip design, and it will be included in later versions.

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Let's create a million instruction set computer (MISC), where each instruction executes a different program hardwired into the CPU. Yes, a whole operating system with millions of apps will be hardwired into the chip! The idea is that you can use some Bash-like low-level language instead of Assembly. The language for a full GNU/Linux distro would look something like this:


What do you think?

People. I need help! I somewhat suck at C, and something weird thing is happening to me when trying to build gtkpod 2.1.5. bin.disroot.org/?55937e9881aeb

Next year I'll be finally 18, so I will enroll to GSoC.

Ávalos' Indie Radio streaming music now! I only added some Dirty Projectors songs.

New music on Ávalos' Indie Radio! From HUNNY, Soccer Mommy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Marías, and others!

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