I just installed KDE Plasma 5.23 and it's FREAKING COOL!

Node.js is all random people in Nebraska thanklessly maintaining millions of packages that most projects are built upon.


I'm getting the Sputnik V tomorrow! I don't care if I can't travel to the US… health goes first!

@kde You said you were releasing KDE 5.23 today... where is it!!! It's October 14th already in Europe!

Also, I don't think Xenia should replace Tux officially. It would be nice to keep them both and use the one we prefer.

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I like this one: much simpler and smaller than the Cathodegaytube's version. Although still too complex for a small icon.

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I do not like the simplified version made by @QuestForTori: it's too simple and looks like a Firefox logo copycat... I mean, copy...fox. It could improve, but it just doesn't look like Xenia.

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I like Xenia, I think she’s cute and I like the way she represents the trans community; but, isn’t her too big (in size) and complex (in shape) to be a mascot for a software project? We need a miniature and simplified version that can remain recognizable in any size, just as well as Tux does.

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Btw, I'm CWing as a courtesy, because my intention is not to annoy toxic cancellists, but rather to express my excitement.

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I'm excited because it is possible that Stallman is giving a talk at a school event in November of this year. He wants registration not to require proprietary software, and of course, being able to give the talk using free software (BigBlueButton).

NOTE: if you're one of those toxic cancel culture advocates, this is your chance to block me!

Digital prisoners (read as prisoners) defending digital abuse (read as abuse) from the corporations that digitally control them (read as control) is indeed similar to Stockholm syndrome in many ways. costas.dev/proprietary-softwar

NPM dependency resolution is the worst thing in the world! Upgrading outdated packages shouldn't be a hassle!

Will Xcode ever finish installing?

I updated my Lexmark printer's firmware to the latest version I downloaded from the Lexmark website. The one it had installed was quite old.

To my surprise, the ink cartridge was no longer compatible! Which probably means Lexmark started adding so printers refuse to work with third-party cartridges. I downgraded to an old firmware and now it works again.

Maybe the cartridge is indeed no longer compatible with newer firmware versions? I don't think so.

I know, I know, I've been obsessed with creating avatars of me depicting my queerness recently. But hey, I think this one looks cool af!

Thankfully we have DACs and ADCs, but they involve turning non-binary into binary and viceversa, which is not okay. Accept non-binary as it is! Don't try to force it to deny its identity!

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Computers are bad because they only use binary. They should be more inclusive and embrace non-binary in their operations, or else I'm cancelling them.

I know we should criticize Facebook for their impact on teens' mental health and people's privacy and lives; but let's think about it for a second... why on Earth would they conduct a secret research on it? Maybe they actually wanted to improve things? Let's stop and think about it for a moment, then we can continue criticizing Facebook for all the wrongs they've done.

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