I'm very excited to finally be re-entering society post (mid?) Big Tech employment apocalypse.

This is my first public speaking event since & I'm thrilled to get to speak with Thrive-wise about how to navigate the world of Big Tech as a woman. 💃💻

I hope to see you there!

June 15 12p - 1p Pacific
Register here: tinyurl.com/mentorwiseTW

My latest from Big Tech Politics:

"A Blatant and Aggressive Disregard for the Law": Apple's tumultuous relationship with the U.S. SEC & U.S. Department of Justice


I'm very excited to announce my first post-Apple job!

I'll still be working on Apple-related things: but now as a human rights researcher with GreatFire, reporting on Apple's global human rights violations & encouraging Apple to reform it's problematic behavior.

I'm joining the AppleCenorship project to work on two investigations into Apple's involvement in and facilitation of app censorship, suppression of human rights (religion & sexuality apps, etc.) and blocking access to information (news apps, etc.) in Russia and Hong Kong.

If you have data about censorship & restricted access to information in Russia & Hong Kong, I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences!

You can reach me at: ashley@applecensorship.com

Announce: twitter.com/applecensorship/st

Talked to the FBI this morning & they updated my case with the network hacking/attacks, and the suspected physical wire-tap/bug, and the suspected attempted break-in.

Just handed the wire-tap/trojan horse statue to a detective with the police department, along with allegations of a number of violations of local criminal law

Apple/Northrup Grumman, the bugged statue is gone now.... so please stop trying to break in to my apartment.


“Mastercard’s biometric checkout system will provide customers facial recognition-based payments, by linking the biometric authentication systems of a number of third-party companies with Mastercard’s own payment systems.”

Yeah, no.


#mastercard #facialRecognition #biometrics #whatCouldPossiblyGoWrong #heyJustChangeYourFace

📰 My latest Big Tech Politics article's now out & is sadly dedicated solely to government corruption related to my Apple cases

"Field Notes on Regulatory Capture:
Welcome to my personal hellscape of conflicts of interest, obstruction, & denials of due process"

Read it here: ashleygjovik.substack.com/p/fi

Deciding to "live with COVID like the flu" is just as stupid as ignoring climate change.

Apple's propaganda goons came at me again this morning...

They told me I deserved to be banned on Wikipedia & threatened I'll "soon be banned from Twitter too."

Do they not know these overly specific, written threats are exactly how I prove retaliation?



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