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I am so ashamed that I do not refer to the Kashmiri people as "our people" anymore. That would be insulting them. And the collective word "we" insults my intelligence personally. They are going through a living hell, that I cannot even begin to comprehend. The Uyghurs of China, the Palestinians, the Rohingyas, and now the Kashmiris. They are on their own, they will know it, and they will fulfill their own destiny.

So it is finally over?

Now do you understand that Parliamentary means will not get you the justice that you want, especially if it is against the state? Do you know understand why there is a need for brutal Revolutionary means to rid your country of fascists?

If you have learned your lesson, start getting radical now and drop this idiotic Gandhian notions.

You don't live in a civilized Western country that you need to follow Civilised means.

Crush the Hindu State!

I don't know how to exactly feel about this.I know that mostly the poor & unprivileged ones will suffer from this BUT this country doesn't deserve to be wealthy and prosperous.

Probably,plunge in the Indian economy=more no. of days Muslims can live here.

The danger in India is not that we are in a recession but that there is no visible way out of it.

In a situation like that, most Indians start behaving fatalistic and start thinking that Economic Recession is some kind of weather phenomenon that you cannot do anything about, rather than correctly connecting the dots between the Recession and Failed Economics of Modi.

People in the Elite, Upper Middle Class, English speaking, social media savvy levels suffer the problem of attacking the BJP only on its cultural agenda and not its economics.

If you want to make people who voted for BJP to change their minds, you have to put forth the economic argument and not the social one.

Hindoos are not the kind of people who have a moral backbone in that sense and see no evil in supporting killers of Muslims.

₹2000 notes were introduced during the demonetization process to reduce black money.
3 years later almost half the unaccounted cash seized was in this denomination.

Basically, the purpose of demonetization was to convert Black money into Saffron money.

Over ₹2.18 lakh crores collected by the Govt as cess specifically for Education, Sanitation & Infrastructure has not been fully transferred or remain unutilized, acc. to a CAG report.

Their only motto is to deny higher education to poor and deprived.

All higher learning institutions must be funded by Govt.Irrespective of economic status it should be made cheaper for all.JNU kind facility should be provided to all universities.We can't say we are lack of funds when we boasting of 5 trillion economy.

Everybody regardless of financial condition deserves subsidized or free education.EVERYBODY.Yes,on taxpayer's money. Tax SHOULD be utilized for education,for agriculture,for medical facilities,etc.And NOT for statues.Grow up & ask the right questions.

Remember that in 2012,JNU students were the first ones to come on streets before the Nirbhaya case became a national sensation.This time if you call JNU students anti-national,it's your politics/priorities that have changed.

India needs more JNU,not less!

First, the police switched off the street lights. And then brutally lathi-charged the armless students protesting peacefully. Shame on the @DelhiPolice!

Down with this oppression!
Unite before you're reduced to dust!

I'm sure a country that celebrated a new Tax system introduced at midnight, will celebrate the sale of its assets with a bigger passion.
We are suckers for such celebrations.

What did @INCIndia accomplish in 60 years?
They created whatever you are selling in the last 6 years.

The impression that our Army is one of the finest and disciplined is simply a hollow concept. That old ex-army man who didn't hesitate to say such on Prime Time, imagine what brutality he would have unraveled in far villages in the valley.

The ex-serviceman said those words on live TV because he has the support of BJP, Army commits those crimes in Kashmir & North-East because they have support of the Union of India.

There's a difference between those two.

Understand that difference.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. #Voltair

Listen this Ex Army officer Major General SP Sinha.

He said "Balatkar ke badle Balatkar" (rape for rape) as a revenge for Kashmiri Pandit exodus.

He is openly supporting rape of Kashmiri women, such kind of filthy officers are protected under draconian Law like AFSPA.




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