Do you consider people you talk to online as friends (boosts appreciated)

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@aryak some of them yes, some no. The poll lacks the option.

@aryak The question you wrote is worded weird. Even if u say, Do you consider people you talk to in your day to day life friends? It wont be clear.

But yes i have online friends, but idk how to answer ur question lol.

@aryak This is a hilarious question, because with your signature you antagonized a giant horde of Vim users 😂

@birnim how does this have anything to do with vim? You mean my :emacs:?

@aryak Hey! We're on the same server! I do consider the people I talk to online to be friends. I care about them, and I hope they succeed in life. I define a friend as someone I care about who I talk to a lot or a spend a lot of time with.

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