I think i should also make an "introduction" considering everyone is doing it
I am Arya, a student from the south indian city of india.
I am a liker of gnu and a free software activist (gnu.org/philosophy/open-source). I am also currently the maintainer of merseklo, a moderation bot for matrix written in pure bash (codeberg.org/aryak/merseklo) and the administrator of ~vern (vern.cc).
My contact details are on my website (aryak.ml).
Note: my website might move to vern.cc/~aryak after i fix nginx on ~vern

Thanks For Popping By!

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@sahil its a tilde (tildeverse.org) (basically a pubnix that offers services) i am making with @daksh and a few others.

@aryak ah I love the idea of tildeverse. Do let me know when it's up and rolling.


@aryak aren't you hosting it on neopunk's hardware lol

@Slips vps and domain is owned by him. services are hosted locally on my old laptop and port tunneled to vps

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