she-ra spoilers 

posting my reaction here bc twitter doesn't have a spoiler function...

redeemed catra is very good. she's just a lil kitty! complete with purring in adora's lap!!

Saw the kiss spoiled the second the season came out but honestly that doesn't matter, the point of the catra redemption arc is how she gets there, not the end point

Also I have a much greater appreciation for Netossa after this season. She's a little insane. I love the kinda insane ones

also also wrong hordak is baby

how do you do the little "show more" thing on here? I want to post a she-ra reaction without spoiling you all

It's upload Monday! Today I've got a video essay analyzing music by Case! all songs used are in the video description

Wait a second.... you can upload audio files straight to mastodon??? you don't need to upload to soundcloud first or make them into a shitty still image video????? this is a total gamechanger

If you like Time's Apprentice, I've got a piece in the Perfectly Generic Zine about my process writing this monstrosity, complete with **exclusive** shitty practice room demos and random pieces of sheet music!

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How could I go and promote all of my content without mentioning my full length musical about the ancestors! It might not be the only homestuck musical, but it's the only homestuck musical approved by actual broadway composers!

This is a long one, but for anyone who likes parody songs, here's an 80 minute broadwaystuck experience from last year's SAHcon!

(fun fact, I'm working on some broadwaystuck stuff right now. Specifically broadway friendsim. They deserve to sing too)

Not a comic dub, but the first in a series of Daraya's Punk Band songs! (There will be more to come on my channel in the coming months btw)

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New platform means I can shill all my old videos all over again! Who wants some comic dubs!

I guess I've decided to make one of these bc I'll follow Homestuck wherever Homestuck goes...

I am notoriously bad at remembering to upload my content to multiple social media platforms, but follow if you like fanmusic and comic dubs! (and I guess I do theory analysis videos now too)

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