Escuchamos rap de referencia para hacer rap, rap mientras hacemos rap y rap para descansar

Sampleando esa de Spinetta "bendito sea este viento" en Serato Studio

From the hieroglyphics to the hood lyricist
The priests, the imams
The good books you live with, the Rumi quotes
The elder sisters, the tribal mantras
The Jazz players, holistic doctors
Spiritual teachers, doers, and the doulas
The protectors and the rulers
The kids of the future
The immortal soldiers and the fearless protest-protesters
The motivational speakers and the honest Black leaders
The divine healers, the everyday, low-paid believers
The overachievers in the shadow of the gatekeepers
Came down to teach us

Adobe nunca va a poder ofrecer en su línea de productos la tranquilidad ética de trabajar sobre un programa libre y de código abierto. Lastimosamente no mucha gente aprecia esas cosas.

I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit. It really does, it crushes your soul.

Look at this in . You have to accomplish 3 confused steps to reject singing-in with a account. It's just disgusting.

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