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Some old school gothic rock to start the weekend.


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And for a cold, gray and rainy Saturday, Die form could be a great company.

DIE FORM - Lilium dolorosa

Consulta: algún servidor xmpp gratuito y que recomienden? Es para dar los primeros pasos en ese medio y probarlo. Gracias de antemano.

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Holi! Estimado timeline vengo esta bonita tarde a contarles que pues soy ilustradora y que hago un monton de contenido todos los meses! Este contenido pueden encontrarlo desde $1usd en Patreon! aquí hay un monton de dibujos que no subo a otros lados, neta vale mucho la pena <3


Another great track -that accidentally just discover- for this great night.

AFTER DARKNESS - The Cathedral

Some gothic rock tunes for this Saturday night. Anyone in the fediverse likes goth sounds too?

If you don't know much about. Give it a try , expand your music taste. Who knows.

SHADOW TO ASHES - Detonation

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One of the best bands my local goth scene ever had. A little electro-neoclassic for this Thursday. Hang on! the weekend is almost here.

Lamia - Stella Splendens

This is my short . Im an elder goth from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a degree in graphic design but i currently work as a frontend developer at the ecommerce industry. Love goth music, horror movies, a good book. Interested in everything related to linux, ubuntu and open source technologies.

Here is a great song i used to love from my youth at my local scene.

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