Das Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin sucht eine*n Informationswissenschaftler*in zur Mitarbeit in der Parlamentsdokumentation, Bereich Lobbyregister: parlament-berlin.de/media/down

Because the Fediverse uses chronological timelines, and because it has a worldwide audience, it is totally fine to boost your own post later so it can reach people in different time zones.

There's no algorithm deciding what people see in their main Fediverse timeline, so they just see whatever happens to be there when they are online.

We are happy to be collaborating with effective WEBWORK on improving SkoHub Vocabs. See the latest blog post at blog.skohub.io/2022-05-eww-pro

"Running single-core #Python on a supercomputer is about the worst thing one can do for the environment"

That's one of the lessons from yesterday's #FutureScientists #webinar given by S. Portegies Zwart of @UniLeiden@twitter.com.

Watch the recording to learn more: youtube.com/watch?v=emfQONrnZ4

Wow, wie abgrundtief widerlich. Bei der ältesten noch existierenden Linux-Firma, Suse-Linux aus Nürnberg, werden jüdische Mitarbeiter diskriminiert. Und gefeuert, wenn sie nicht klein beigeben.



#introduction: I'm a linguist interested in #language, action, #culture & #cognition, as investigated in #linguistics, #sociology, #psychology, #anthropology & #philosophy. I am working on a language & grammar theory called Instruction Grammar and I'm currently surveying the areal syntactic variation in Germany in the context of the project Regionalsprache.de.

I am heavily into #metal (heavy, true, doom) and a passionate (race bike) #cyclist.

Hier lockt die Arbeit in einem tollen Team, an einem schönen Campus und an einer führenden Forschungsbibliothek:

Stellenausschreibung für Bibliotheks-IT (B.A.) am
MPI für Rechtsgeschichte und Rechtstheorie (@mpilhlt@twitter.com). TVöD (Bund) EG 9b, unbefristet, in Frankfurt am Main:


(Wäre toll, wenn das jemand in die lokale Timeline von @openbiblio.social boosten könnte. Danke!)

Ahhh! I just come to think of it! :blobcatgiggle:

I also have this website with some basic courses and lessons on server setup, Mastodon manual install, PeerTube etc etc! 💡

It's all free without ads and charge ofc! :blobcatgiggle:

Apparently, hate-speech instances are going through the introductions tag to target LGBTQ+ people.

If you see anything like that, report it. This is not okay.

🇩🇪 Endlich könnt ihr Informationen der EU-Institutionen, EU-Politiker, EU-Fraktionen usw. auch über inoffizielle Mastodon-Mirrorkonten beziehen: respublicae.eu/explore
🇬🇧At last you can follow EU institutions, politicians and groups via inofficial Mastodon mirror accounts: respublicae.eu/explore

#introduction time 👋

- I'm a writer, programmer and researcher based in Melbourne.

- My day job involves a lot(!) of #dataviz and my main tools of the trade are #d3js, #python, #R and #GIS software. But I also play around with p5.js and SQL on occasion.

- Outside of that, I'm looking to learn more about digital librarianship and curatorship, digital humanities, early internet and the #indieweb, live art coding, generative art and cool web design.

- I was also a #music journalist for a few years and I'm a classically trained singer, so I'm always keen to hear new recs


I've closed signups for now on mstdn.social :blobcathearts:​ Invite links still work though!

we gotta take the load off a little ❤️ There are many other instances out there and I hope stability there has been restored a bit!

The main reason I kept signups open is to ensure people could find a working new social home❤️ I know other admins are stuggling also and I wouldn't want people to never return if things don't work.. 😟

Also to prevent things breaking here, a little break in registrations :cathug:​ We will go open again ofc

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@sasastanisic ich arbeite an einer Arbeit zur Liga gegen den Imperialismus und der kolonialen Unterdrückung. Die Konferenz von 1927 wurde von 174 Personen besucht. Es war das erste Treffen einer weltweiten Antikolonialen Bewegung zusammen mit Kommunist*innen und Sozialist*innen. Es trafen sich Nehru, Hatta, Senghor, Einstein, Barbuse und viele klangvolle Namen. Wissen tut es fast niemand.

Noted: AtlantGIS by @kacebe :

"Faked GIS-Datasets, simulating an island in the Atlantic for educational purposes in using GIS in #archaeology. All AtlantGIS data are published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. The idea is to create artificial data creatively referring to the story of Atlantis as told by Platon. We believe that simple datasets with a narrative are most qualified to impart knowledge and skills to students."


Hey #askfediverse people who use #emacs for academic writing: What are your favourite packages, snippets, transients, hydras and the like? Anything that makes your work with #LaTeX, #BibTeX, #R, #KnitR, and the like easier or more effective? I'd love to hear them.

Boosts appreciated.

And maybe @bgcarlisle knows someone who knows someone...?

#askfedi #academia

Redoing #introduction as have moved server..

I'm Paul, an academic based in Bristol, UK.

Interested in

Expect infrequent Tooting about the above #jazz #downtempo #books #literature #nature etc..

#introduction I'm a postdoctoral fellow in philosophy of science in Madrid. I'm working on scientific representation, modelling practices and the question of realism, defending broadly pragmatist views of science

Sicherheitslücken in Linux könnten Nutzer etwa zum Ausführen von Code als root missbrauchen. Microsoft hat die Schwachstellen entdeckt und nennt sie Nimbuspwn. heise.de/news/Microsoft-findet

Genuinely the thing I love about scholar is that it doesn't feel like the intense professional networking of a conference hotel bar - fully stressful and needing to emulate scholarliness.

Instead, it feels like a Breakroom - plenty of scholarly conversations while also talking about DS9 episodes and sharing recipes.
I've made wonderful friendships on here. I hope all y'all new people have a good time.

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