Im ZBIW-Fortbildungsprogramm 1.2022 ist das lobid-Team zum 2. Mal durch @acka47
& Fabian Steeg vertreten mit dem Seminar "Offene Infrastruktur für bibliothekarische Daten: Linked Open Data, JSON & #OpenRefine
in der Praxis" am 10.02.2022, 10.00-16.00:

i made some edits to my post about evaluating the ethics of the computer technology i use the most -

Recordings, slides and workshop material from #swib20 are now linked from the programme page:

Online conference with free software infrastructure 

Highly impressed with @swib 2020 conference (Semantic Web in Libraries - which made attendance free this unprecedented year and are using free software tools (Mattermost for discussion, BigBlueButton for streaming video) for infrastructure.

Kudos @acka47 and Joachim Neubert!

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