In the recent days, due to the news with WhatsApp, I've seen a lot of people getting their loved ones away from WhatsApp (which is good), to other services like Signal and Telegram (which is not good).

If you managed to convince them to try something new, why not choose something that's not centralized and proprietary software? And instead something that's based on open standards, that's open source, decentralized, federated, platform agnostic, easy to host and lightweight, something like XMPP?

For the first time in my life, I edited an app, extracted the source code(from an opensource app), changed the colorscheme to a more darker theme, and reinstalled. ^_^ Feels good ^~^ If you're wondering, the app is overchan. It's available on f-droid ^~^

Got a Blu-Ray in the mail today. It includes a free digital copy, but I can't redeem it because Funimation isn't available where I live.

So if any of you would like a copy of Nichijou: My Ordinary life, the code is in the image.

First come, first serve!

🕷 Natural history of the animal kingdom for the use of young people
Brighton: E. & J.B. Young and Co., 1889.

Secure software supply chain matters, even on Linux. This @arstechnicabot article describes a Remote Access Trojan hidden inside cryptocurrency tools.

Check out our post on the Future of Software Supply Chain Security

#security #privacy

💦 Beautiful ferns from original water-color drawings after nature /.
Boston: D. Lothrop and Co., 1882, [c1881].

Took some long exposure starscapes from the garden last night to test my new 50mm Nikkor prime lens. Much better low light performance than my other lenses :D That's Orion's Belt in the last shot.
#Photography #darktable ble

Hello world!

Utilize your /etc/hosts and block blacklisted sites + ads and whatnot with and also block malicious IP's with Have a great day ^~^

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