I had poor luck previously coming up blank with Summer Pecorine and Summer Saren, but I finally got some good luck with pulling Neneka with my last free 10 pull.

I couldn't remember my phone number today. I was trying to punch it in, and I just blanked out. I remembered it 5 minutes later. It's a weird sensation, forgetting something that you should know. One day, I'll probably forget my name or where I live or something like that.

The SOLARIA contest is over and I didn't win. I don't really go into these things thinking that I would win, so I'm never bothered by it. But then they picked 5 runner ups and I didn't make that list. Then they also picked 5 honorable mentions and I didn't make that list either, LOL. So 15 people beat me out.

If I'm being honest--I would not have picked those 15 songs as the best 15 songs out of the--what was it? 287 submissions? But my idea of what is a good song is stuck in the mid 1980s when alternative rock/indie was king of the hill during my college years.

Anyway, I'm very happy with what I wrote, even if my musical tastes are outdated.

Since I got a new computer, I wanted to test out Neutrino again just for kicks. My new computer has an Nvidia graphics card so it can use the NSF thing.

Neutrino still sounds fantastic. It was the first exposure for me to AI vocal synthesis. Pros are--it's FREE. Cons--well, it's clunky to use since it doesn't have a graphical interface. Also, it's only in Japanese. So if you are poor and Japanese and don't mind running a command line program, Neutrino is for you. Although I think someone came up with a graphical interface for it. Sort of.

Anyway, I'm just glad Synthesizer V came out. AI is the way to go. Vocaloid is dead.

Don't you think it's funny how Stallone is complaining about people being parasites, sucking Rocky dry when he's milked Rocky and First Blood to death?

You know what kind of irritates me? People who posts pictures of their guitar and ask, "Is my action too high?" Pictures won't accurately reflect that. I mean, it may look kind of high, but how the hell can anybody really tell just from a picture. Just measure the damn string height.

I don't know if it's because my condo is at the end of a little hallway, or maybe it's the brown color of my door--but mosquitos are always congregating there. So whenever I enter or exit my place, those damn mosquitos sneak in. If I am carrying something in, it makes it all the more probable because I can't close the door quickly.

This morning I came in and minutes later, I got three mosquito bites on my feet! Damn, dirty mosquitos!

Finally! Hit 30 min with Kiara in . Kiara is great in Stage Mode but very hard to last in Endless Mode. Final 2 min, I just ran and hoped for the best in getting Attack and Health stat upgrades.

I finally got IRyS past 30 min after a million tries. Sometimes RNG isn't kind to you in getting the drops you need.

Did the 1.7 update for Synthesizer V wreck the voicebanks?

I've been listening to Eleanor Forte and SOLARIA. I don't hear any degradation in quality. I do hear a change in Tsurumak Maki AI English, though.

This is a comparison of Eleanor Forte AI (back in January 2022) and now, re-rendered after the 1.7 update.


Sweet potato pie or Pumpkin Pie?

I LOVE sweet potato pie, mainly because it is so much easier to make than pumpkin pie. I'm not talking about buying a can of pumpkin pie filling. I'm talking about preparing the pumpkin from scratch.

With a sweet potato, you just peel it, cut it up, and then boil it.

Now, sweet potato pie is very similar but not quite the same as pumpkin pie. I found this great recipe from Allrecipes:


Now, I do cut the butter and sugar in half, and it still turns out fantastic. I don't like my pies too sweet.

I started seriously building up my taxable investment account when I was forty because I knew that if I wanted to retire early, I'd have to live off of something since I wouldn't be able to tap into my 401k retirement account.

But even though that was pretty much the sole purpose of that taxable account--I hate withdrawing from it. It took a lot of effort to build it up and I guess I'm sentimental about it. I know I shouldn't be, because, what the hell is money good for if you don't spend it? Who the hell wants to save up a bunch of money only to die, never having been able to enjoy it?

Believe me, I know all too well--you can die at any moment.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with covid, but I sure am seeing a lot of cars out on the road with expired registration stickers on their plates. Kind of weird. I'm mean, stuff like January 2022.

I don't understand why so many people on Reddit post answers that do not answer the question being asked. Do people just not bother reading?

I have a Google Voice number and they always send me an email saying it's going to expire in a month if I don't use it, so I then just send a text message to use it.

I know I should just give it up because I don't use it, but I can't help but want to keep it--just in case I might need it one day.

Have you even watched Bowfinger? There's a great scene where Steve Martin angrily confronts Heather Graham, saying, "We are finished! We are over!"

And she says, "How come?"

And he replies, "You had sex with Jif!"

And she says, "So?"

And then he says, "I never thought of it that way." And then everything was fine!

That scene always cracks me up.

Wordle 392 4/6


Haven't done Wordle in a while...

I have this little tool kit that I bought a couple of decades ago and I just found out that they gave me two 9 mm hex sockets instead of the 10 mm hex socket.

Luckily, I have another cheapo tool kit that has a 10 mm hex socket.

I saw this pack of mini-eclairs at my local Giant Food and it was marked down to $1.76 (half off) because today was the sell by date. So I bought it. And I ate the whole thing. I guess I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing but it felt good.

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