Every time I go to a beach, I pick up rubbish – mostly plastic. Yes, you read that right: I take a rubbish bag and a pair of these barbecue forceps with me and start pulling toothbrushes, plastic bottles and tampons out of the sand while I walk along the beach. And fragments of fishnets. Yes, it is not only a rumour: Most of the ocean waste is fishnets. So, we should really really also think of stopping eating fish to save fish.

This happens on the most hidden beaches – the plastic lands in the ocean, and the waves wash it ashore. This picture was taken on a beach in Denmark some days ago. I didn't only find plastic that day, but also four dead gannets and a shark-sized fish I couldn't identify any more – with plastic in their stomach.

So please: Whenever you come to a beach: Leave it a bit cleaner when you go. Thank you!

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