Meanwhile, Max out here looking like a whole yaoi manga character come to life! A whole photoshop 'After' photo! A whole instagram filter named "Gorgeous FX"!
😳 👍🏾

Why is so protective of around light bulbs? Because his nickname is for a reason . . . . . 🤦🏾‍♂️🤭

How I'm gonna be dancing at home while watching the virtual wedding reception on my computer after gets married in real life (I know it's coming🤡)

is bold, isn't he? 🤭Let me tell you something. As an introvert, if we come in the bathroom with you, you're already the kindred spirit of this lifetime. That's it.🤣

Good job, my boy! Good job.👍🤭

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you playing peek-a-boo with 's huge hands.
Try not to sh0ot yourselves into another galaxy.😭

I make the argument how is a grown man, how we should make room for his very adult nature and how we should give him room to grow up. And then he goes and takes pictures like this. 😭🤣

Not Mew looking at Gulf, who should be on the 2-4, but is on the 1-3! 🤣He started off right but lost the beat. Look at how Mew keeps looking at the tambourine. I'm crying laughing! 😂

That time Gulf mistakenly said he can only sleep with men, and then Mew confronted him and stood there like he was preparing to beat up every other man in the world . . . . . .🤣🤣🤣

I hope his eyes never lose its sparkle and sweetness.

, we adore you. Please stay safe and take care of yourself.😊

Mew didn't think we were thirsty enough . . . . . and so he continues to torture us daily.
Meanwhile, Gulf watches closely, but is amused when we pout.

Chopper and I use a treadmill the same way. 😂 j/k🤭

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