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Give less power to websites, and more power to web extensions.

W życiu każdego użytkownika przychodzi taki moment, w którym stwierdza, że w sumie strony z samym tekstem i podstawowym HTML-em są całkiem spoko, bo sprawiają najmniej problemu. Jeszcze jak SSL jest od Let's Encrypt a nie Cloudflare to już w ogóle +10.

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What #education did you do for free software and people in your country?

Please share your experience.

Boosts are very appreciated.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #School

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In a typical GNU/Linux system there are some SUID programs out there, which require entering user's password, but doesn't change anything in system not associated directly with the user: passwd, chsh, chfn. These does require root privileges to edit /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow, but user don't have to be sudo for that.

This gives me an idea to something in between to sudo and common unprivileged operations - user being able to protect some part of their own environment to require their password, but not involve root for that - for example, to protect their .bashrc and .profile files to avoid some malicious programs add something to crash session, so user is not able to login, or run a keylogger in background. Maybe user could use different passwords for different files or directories and change it with their master password.

What if I am a user of a GNU/Linux computer, but administrator is someone else, and I would plug in a usb drive with some malicious SUID program? Will it run?

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The folks on the #Trisquel forum are celebrating the 39th anniversary of GNU. Oh, and check out the awesome picture of a cake by @jxself Go to to join the conversation! #GNUAnniversary #GNU #HappyHacking #HackingCake #HackerCake

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I have never used #WhatsApp before, but today got a chance to see how it looks in person.

Realized how this app is so aggressive for permissions.

- when creating account, app ask for permission to read SMS so it can automatically type 6 digit code, spend more time explaining this permission than manually writing code will take
- cannot type phone number directly, must give permission to contacts if you want to start new conversation
- to play voice message from someone or send sticker you must give the app full permission to storage
- so many places to ask for camera
- to call, you must give the app "phone" permission, even if this is not technically needed for VoIP calls

Other than that, I can say interface is nice and clean, like cheap clone of Telegram (even if Telegram was second). Simple, fast and feels nice.

But still it's Facebook and nonfree communication app, please don't use it if you can and do not feed the network effect.

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Represented my uni's "Linux Club" today at a club fair!
Mind all the tape, it was a very windy day! :supertuxkart:

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TIL that Google thinks "wireless mouse" means ones that connect to the computer via bluetooth
I feel old

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Ktoś chętny potestować BRIARa? Popiszę o technologii, linux, androidzie, komputerach, sieciach, druku 3D.



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Anyone eager to test Briar messenger a little bit? I'm willing to talk about tech, linux, android, PCs, network and 3D printing.

Add me:


#briar #foss #linux #messenger #technology

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Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"


Ja: szukam napisów do anime
Każda strona (oprócz Nie mamy napisów do pobrania, ale może chciałbyś obejrzeć online z napisami?

@midline W artykule "Jak złożyć skargę do UODO? Co to daje?" napisaliście, aby nadać skargę [na administratora strony] za pomocą ePUAP. Nie mam konta na ePUAP, i wolę sobie nie zakładać. Czy jest możliwość aby skontaktować się z UODO wysyłając zwykłego maila?

@arkadiusz_wieczorek Dzisiaj podejmuję drugą próbę instalacji PostmarketOS na moim Moto g7 Power. Co muszę doinstalować aby na ekran telefonu zaczął coś wyświetlać?

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