@wolf480pl @androidpolice I'm wary of Nvidia, but hey as long as they keep licensing ARM cores hopefully nothing much will change

@michel_slm @androidpolice
IIRC Nvidia was considering using RISC-V for PMUs in their graphics cards to lower costs.

If they can get ARM cores for free, there's no point for them to invest in RISC-V anymore.

@wolf480pl @androidpolice true. I'm more concerned about the effect on the rest of the ARM ecosystem... as someone interested in getting people off the Intel architecture

Why rip ?
On the contrary. Some arm manufacturer will consider the nvidia move a bit worrysome and may envision moving to risc v, no ?

@lord @androidpolice
yeah, but NVidia will no longer have reasons to use RISC-V as PMUs in their graphics cards...

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