I'm not a particular fan of Microsoft and especially not Facebook but the machine learning models, datasets and tools they've put together based on OpenStreetMap are quite something:

Here the latest edition of Microsoft's building footprint detections with nearly global coverage containing 776,712,641 footprints:


They have apparently ingested all of it into Facebook's version of the OSM ID editor (called Rapid) where AI-based road detections from Facebook and the original OSM data are accessible as well:


Looking at a few examples it's not perfect (maps never are) but the quality is surprisingly good considering the difficulty of the problem.

Below an example from the small town of Basoko in the Democratic Republic of Kongo with the features added by Mircosoft's and Facebook's AIs in magenta.

Important to remember that their models were trained on the results of billions of hours work of OSM contributors, so only fair that they give back their results to OSM...

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