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I am new to the instance but not new to Mastodon. I used to have a personal account with which I learned how the Fediverse works, now I would like to start using it as well. I figured I prefer to have a impersonal account, so here I am.
I don't like to blast out self-descriptions, I'm an ever-forming being, I rather would share topics & stuff I am passionate about/interested in, although I will probably forget about a couple.

I love sports, I follow and and I watch ; naturally I don't agree with capitalism surrounding their being.
I am passionate about tech & services. I am and I oppose violence/any harm of life.
I listen to various kinds of music, being the dearest to my heart (ears). And I guess just a list of others - I love reading hikes&nature, and -tech. At times I play and to lose my last two remaining braincells. Merci à tous.

🎶 hey, this is crazy, but here's your password, so change it maybe 🎶

People keep sending me Instagram links to their artwork and events. I can't see any of it without an account and logging in. I don't think a lot of people realise how much they lock in their content behind walls.

Or why they feel a need to.

every year i sacrifice a few pieces of tupperware to the adhd gods

The interesting thing about capitalism is that it’s entirely incompatible with the future, so we’ve just decided to get rid of the future and keep capitalism

This is only going to work for a short while imo

#TIL that the #Debian team has put some considerable effort to deploying federated services:

Nice initiative! Especially for the instances of services you don't see quite often around like Matrix, Jitsi, Plume.

Long life the #fediverse!

Do cats have an internal monologue? Is it all "meow meow meow"?

A warning about FeelGood Contacts ( if you’re in Ireland and wear contact lenses: do NOT turn on their “auto-replenish” feature.

Just got a notification that they were about to charge me €148.05 for two 90-day boxes of lenses. That felt steep. So I opened an incognito browser and checked their site via an ad on Google. Lo and behold, I was offered 30-day boxes at €19.20 (so €115.20 for the equivalent amount… or €32.85 cheaper).

Goodness I fucking hate capitalism.


The next time I have a talk about privacy with someone, and I get the classic "I have nothing to hide" talking point, I'm just gonna straight up ask for their email password.

I'll do it.

Ok, just setup an RSS reader account as a beginner and created some folders and learned how to add/delete feeds

Please Tell Me your favorite blogs/feeds that you follow (boosts appreciated)

My main interests are news/politics/history, books (sci fi and much more), photography, film, art, sewing, cooking/recipes, random eccentricities/ hobbyists, social commentators, and in general interesting people/places/concepts/writing

please stop linking to articles of the ny times or other websites that won't let you read their stuff without logging in and paying

So, in short, I just want to say hello to those interesting in what I'm trying to develop here (I'm surprised no one has even tried to create a Fediverse Tumblr clone (that I've found, at least) before I started this work).

And I hope to be able to share the excitement I have about what's being done with you all, along the way.

Right now, pretty much all federated social media sites are open-source and we have a real opportunity to set the tone of the future of this space. That's incredible.

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Authoritarian systems are committed to making people's lives worse. No, not metaphorically, literally, authoritarians make people's lives worse, because people under great deals of stress, who can't get their needs met, are more likely to seek out systems of authority to hitch themselves to, to get those needs met.

A year ago this weekend, I decided to start a YouTube, and I registered the Veronica Explains channel. I was looking for Linux creators who weren't dudes, and when I couldn't find many, I decided to jump in.

If you'd have told me a year later I'd have over 15k YouTube subs, and a growing PeerTube community, I wouldn't have believed it.

Thanks, all. <3

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