wanted to draw this weird demoman loadout i saw on 2fort
not great but uh
me no draw good

how can you tell im a bottom? easy. i main medic.

I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice

you ever have like severely bi moments when watching a movie, like the male and female leads are like in the same shot and you're just "what the fuck how are they both hot. this can't be allowed to continue."

I wonder when international borders are going to be reopened for the US. I just need to go to Australia...

i try to make unique cosmetic loadouts for all my mercs and i think i do a pretty good job!

oh no toby's gonna get fucking FLOODED
he does realize how popular his stuff is right

I feel like if you're ever in a lobby with someone who gets a gold pan you just fucking know your chances of getting one are even less

watching red dwarf with @[email protected] has basically been the highlight of my day

first time getting three boxes
you know what? worth it lol now i can demopan with flaming eyes AND bees t.co/khmnSyDady

I don't know what I'm doing and if things I say make shit better or worse

I don't fucking know how to interact with people

it's almost time for my garfield 9/11 tweet

the new oscars best pictures guidelines seem... really limiting for films, especially A3.
I don't really think this encourages diverse filmmaking ironically

, huh? can't wait to see people just go in and complain about seeing furries! again!

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