@amabirdman Sure. I don't have a lens for birding but love to shoot center of milky-way and landscapes.

@amabirdman @vikramjeetsinghparmar I am always looking for an opportunity. Will post a recent one from Ladakh today.

@amabirdman @vikramjeetsinghparmar Sattal is overrated IMHO. But if you haven't been there you should. Rajasthan and the North East (Arunachal in particular) are my top 2 states for bird photography. And Bharatpur is an annual pilgrimage;-)

@vikramjeetsinghparmar @amabirdman Put it down as a non-negotiable for 2019;-) And if you are into posting your images here, suggest you sign into the photog.social instance.

@amabirdman I’m a bird watcher too , take me with next time πŸ˜„

@amabirdman The Pratincole in the breeding plumage on your flicker account looks lovely. And so do all of your other images. I don't have a flicker but you can follow my bird photography blogs at samyukth.com

@Samyukth Thank you :)
Checked out your blog. Such amazing pictures. The Tibetan Sandgrouse is WOW!

@amabirdman hey, thanks. Patience is usually well rewarded. In every thing one does;-)

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